The viral Japanese cake-in-a-can lands in Singapore – is it worth the hype?

Cake is indisputably a great comfort food— sweet, fluffy, and comes in a whole bunch of flavours. But it’s also fragile and not the best snack to travel with. Now when you get to have this yum dessert on-the-go, you’ve definitely piqued my interest. Okashi Gaku is finally here with its Canned Cakes from 16 Sep 2022 to give us just that. 

Okashi Gaku- close up of cans

Not only has this cake-in-a-can become a widely popular phenomenon in Japan, but it’s also created quite a buzz in our very own little red dot. We had an exclusive preview of the famous flavours of Okashi Gaku from its first 24-hour vending machine at Suntec City. So, does it live up to the hype? Keep reading!

Okashi Gaku- the vending machine

It’s for sure eye-catching with its bright white and burgundy colours, so you’ll spot the vending machine pretty easily outside the Eat At Seven restaurant. It works like any other— just put in the money, choose your preferred can, and out it pops. You also get a spoon of course, so there’s no “drinking” the cake from the can. 

Okashi Gaku - close up of the tiramisu

My colleague and I tried the Matcha (S$8.80), Tiramisu (S$8.80), and Strawberry Shortcake Can (S$11.80) flavours. Her easy favourite was the Tiramisu can which has mascarpone, espresso sponge, and fresh cream. As I dug inside, I also discovered a generous sprinkle of chocolate chips that really adds texture and taste when you have it with the soft chiffon cake. 

For me, it was a tough battle between the former and the Strawberry Shortcake Can. It’s the priciest one and the OG cake that started it all. It has fresh cream, chocolate, strawberry confiture, raspberry jelly, and almond florentine all beautifully layered within the chiffon cake. The strawberries tasted incredibly fresh and were an obvious highlight. The strawberry confiture was a pleasant surprise that was frozen and hidden in the middle. I couldn’t have enough of it!

close up of canned cakes

The Matcha cake is the most unique of them all. It’s filled with matcha fresh cream, azuki matcha cream, chocolate sponge, brown sugar mochi, black bean jelly, and almond florentine. I felt that the taste of the black bean was overpowering, but the hints of matcha saved the cake. It’s not a favourite, but it’s worth a try.   

There are seven flavours in total so you’ve also got the option of other Canned Cakes like Mango Passionfruit (S$9.80), Mango Chocolate (S$9.80), Strawberry (S$9.80), and a special Custard Pudding Can (S$5.80).

vending machine and close up of cans

The cakes are imported directly from Japan and can be preserved in your fridge for a week! The transparent fuwa cans majorly add to the aesthetics as you get a clear view of all the layers with fruits or jelly pressed against the can’s surface.

They’ll soon be expanding all across the island, so grab an easy dessert when you’re done with your meal! 

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Okashi Gaku

Suntec City, 3 Temasek Boulevard, North Wing, #03-306/307, 310-316, Singapore 038983

Okashi Gaku

Suntec City, 3 Temasek Boulevard, North Wing, #03-306/307, 310-316, Singapore 038983