Jack Is Not Dull: Pop-Up Beer Event Featuring Brewlander & Co.’s Newest Cask Ales Happening From 21 – 27 May ’17

Brewlander & Co. Cask Ales-1

If you’ve never heard of cask ales before, don’t feel bad; I had no idea such a thing existed until I went for Jack Is Not Dull‘s week long pop-up event that is happening from 21 – 27 May 2017 at Circular Road.

Cask ale is “live” beer that’s unpasteurised and unfiltered, with natural carbonation from the yeast that it uses. This results in a beer that possesses more subtle nuances of flavour than other types of beers. Unfortunately, cask ale also has an extremely short shelf life of around three days after tapping the cask, but this just shows that you’re getting the freshest beer available!

Brewlander & Co. Cask Ales-2

Cask ales are rarely seen in Singapore, with only two local breweries producing it Brewerkz and Brewlander & Co., which is the brewery that is partnering with Jack Is Not Dull for the event. Beer enthusiasts might be familiar with Brewlander and its bestselling Wild IPA beer, Love, but this is the first time the brewery is producing cask ales.

If the short shelf life isn’t something you’re keen on, Brewlander also offers two cask ales, a porter and a session IPA, in bottled form. Granted, it’s no longer a cask ale, but I found both beers to be almost as good as their cask counterparts.

Don’t worry if you can’t visit the pop-up, Jack Is Not Dull has plans to host pop-ups in different locations every month, so keep an eye on their Facebook for the next one!

Date & time: 21 – 27 May 2017, 6pm – 12am

Expected damage: Free admission, half pints start at $10

Jack Is Not Dull: 8B Circular Road, Singapore 049364 | Facebook