Welcome the fried chicken season with Jackson’s Fried Chicken’s Rendang series

Really, International Fried Chicken Day is just another excuse to indulge in our favourite dish. While we love the OGs of fried batter and juicy, seasoned flesh, creativity on this delicious canvas is welcomed, and you can’t go wrong with an intense, piquant dose of rendang. With that, Jackson’s Fried Chicken, an exclusive brand on Foodpanda, introduces their Rendang series in three new menu items available from 1 July 2021 to 31 July 2021.

Instead of sticking to the usual formula of new seasonings on fried chicken, they’ve gone a step further to vary the fried chicken iterations, applying rendang in toppings and with interesting pairings.

Jacksons Fried Chicken Rendang Items
Credit – Jackson’s Fried Chicken

Right off the bat, we have the Fried Chicken coated with Caramalised Rendang sauce (S$9.90), a signature number that presents the brand’s classic fried chicken with a savoury spin. Skip your usual chilli sauce dips and get addicted to this toothsome lemak sauce.

Rendang Dip

Fried chicken is a must-have in burgers, so the Chicken Burger with Cheesy Rendang (S$10.50) is a comforting one. Go in for bountiful bites of crispy, succulent chicken sandwiched with cheese slices and amply slathered with rendang sauce.

And to end things off on a crispy note, tuck into a warm, toasted tortilla encased with their rendang-mayo drizzled fried chicken and lettuce. This Fried Chicken Wrap with Rendang Mayo (S$9.80) is a great hearty addition with textures and flavours you don’t want to miss.

Amping up this scrumptious limited edition menu of Jackson’s Fried Chicken is Foodpanda’s fried chicken deals. In light of International Fried Chicken Day, they are also offering 25% off select fried chicken brands from 5 July 2021 to 11 July 2021. Feel free to rip into the skin of Wingstop, Nene Chicken and Ayam Penyet President, and more for some crunch time.

Fried Chicken Deals

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