Jade Restaurant Dim Sum Buffet: Singapore Food Review

“Superbly valued dim sum buffet”

Jade Restaurant Fullerton Hotel

At $38++ per person, Jade Fullerton’s dim sum buffet is considered slightly above mid-range pricing for dim sum brunch, but worth every dollar for this standard. Other hotels easily charge double the price for something similar.

Seats get filled up quickly over the weekend in this classy, oriental dining hall within Fullerton Hotel. I would highly recommend you make a booking for this buffet.

Jade fullerton bird's nest

Superior Bird’s Nest Soup with Truffle. A one time order dish to replace the traditional Shark’s fin soup. Tastes equally sumptuous with the subtle taste of truffle, and shark-friendly as well. Very generous with the crab meat.

Jade fullerton siew mai har gao

Steamed Crystal Shrimp Dumplings, Steamed pork siew mai with abalone. Juicy prawns with a silky skin. The siew mai also has a bit more varied flavour with the addition of abalone, but frankly not very obvious due to the size of the slice.

Jade liu sha bao

Steamed custard bun. There was a sort of Kueh Lapis aftertaste to the custard which I didn’t really fancy. I’m guessing nutmeg spice, which really doesn’t go well with the bun.

Jade fullerton xiao long bao

Steamed Superior Stock Xiao Long Pau. Funny how they emphasized on stock, but the Xiao Long Bao was more towards meaty and could have used more ‘soup’ within.

Jade radish cake fullerton hotel dim sum

Pan-fried Radish Cake. This simple radish/carrot cake was done really well; evenly fried surface that wasn’t overly grease to the tongue. Very consistent surface and the portion slice wasn’t too thick. Other than the lack of lup cheong (Chinese Sausage), this was pretty perfect.

Jade dim sum roasted pork belly

Roasted pork belly with five spice and sea salt. Crispy skin, but not the super crispy till it flakes kind, and tender pork with nice distribution of fats.

Jade congee with lobster

Boiled congee with lobster and dried scallop. I mean, why have century egg congee when you can have lobster and scallop congee instead?

Jade dim sum char siew bao

Steamed Char Siew Pau. The skin looks kind of like a hybrid between the old-fashion rustic skin and the machine produced smooth skin. Still, really good char siew filling.

Jade char siew sou egg tart

Baked barbecue pork pie, Oven Baked egg tart. The pastry crust is really well done here in Jade restaurant with a clean, non-greasy aftertaste. Soft, yet firm crust, the pork pie (char siew sou) is delicious. The egg tart was also good, without too heavy a egg taste in the custard.

Jade pork ribs dim sum

Steamed Pork Rib with Black Bean Sauce. Another traditional  dim sum item with subtle black bean flavours and tender steamed pork.

Jade Guo tie fullerton hotel buffet

Pan-fried minced pork and chives “guo tie”. Again, very clean palate even though fried, the skin was also not soggy. Not a huge fan of the amount of chives inside though.

Overall the dim sum buffet spread at Jade restaurant is not only wide in selection, but of really fine quality. It is definitely worth what you pay for, yet not overly expensive. Highly recommended dim sum weekend brunch that’s not too lavish on your wallet.

Expected Damage: $44/pax

Jade Restaurant: 1 Fullerton Square, Fullerton Hotel (Ground floor), Singapore 049178 | Tel: 6733 8388 | Website

Dim Sum Buffet Hours: Sat – Sun: 11:00-12:45 | 13:15 – 15:00 (Split shift)

*Recommend reservations