Jade’s Gourmet Dim Sum Treasures: Classy Dishes Inspired By Birds & Flowers At The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

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When it comes to delectable dim sum spreads, you definitely have to make a trip down to Jade Restaurant at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore for the full, unadulterated experience. With the new Gourmet Dim Sum Treasure menu, diners can look forward to exquisite delicacies inspired by birdsong and spring flowers.

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Aside from the usual a la carte menu, there are three different set menus. All of them are named after birds native to Singapore: the Purple Finch ($68++ per pax), the Paradise Flycatcher ($88++ per pax), and the Royal Peacock ($108++ per pax).

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The revamped menu matches their newly-renovated interior, complete with bird motifs and Tiffany blue accents.

We tried a variety of dishes from the three menus, and I was definitely impressed by the spread.

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We arrived on a dreary rainy evening, so the steaming cup of 8 Treasures Tea was the perfect pick-me-up.

Jade Dim Sum 27

A clean and light tea, this herbal blend contains gooseberries, red dates and longans. The fragrant floral notes of jasmine and chrysanthemum simply added to the refreshing effect.

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We started off with the Trio Contemporary Dim Sum, which had three uniquely crafted dim sum creations.

Jade Dim Sum 05

The Scallop Dumpling topped with Salmon Roe was a fresh take on the usual prawn dumpling. When it comes to seafood, scallops are one of my favourites. The scallop in this dish did not disappoint; it was so fresh and sweet that I wished there was more of it.

The salmon roe was also a nice addition. Each sphere burst into explosions of savoury goodness in my mouth! This dumpling also had such delicate skin that it was a challenge not to break it as I picked it up with the chopsticks.

Jade Dim Sum 06

Another innovative twist on traditional dim sum comes in the form of the Foie Gras and Truffle Shrimp Dumpling. If you love your har gao (shrimp dumpling), you will love this variant.

Most truffle dishes tend to be overpowered by the strong truffle fragrance, but the slice of truffle atop this dumpling actually complemented the juicy sweet shrimp. Likewise, the subtle taste of foie gras within the dumpling was smooth and didn’t overwhelm the main star of the dish: the shrimps.

Jade Dim Sum 07

Finally, the Golden Sea Urchin Siew Mai completes the trio. It’s so hard to pick my favourite part of this dish because each part of it was so well done.

The juicy shrimps within the siew mai competed for attention with the creamy, smooth sea urchin topping it. Surprisingly light but nonetheless incredibly flavourful, the umami taste of the sea urchin mingled perfectly with the sweetness of the shrimps.

Jade Dim Sum 09

After the starters, we were served the Garden of Roasted Delight, and it was indeed a delight to the senses. The complexity of flavours in this one dish was astounding, as was the fact that the hand-sliced celery actually made me want to eat more of this usually overlooked vegetable.

Jade Dim Sum 10

Perhaps the most intriguing item on the platter was the Thousand Layer Pig’s Ear. Thinly layered, the Pig’s Ear alternates between white crunchy cartilage and a brown gelatinous layer. The resulting flavour and texture is unique, and brought to mind the herbal tang of Chinese tea eggs, albeit with a more gamey taste.

Jade Dim Sum 11

Generously sliced, the Honey-Glazed Barbeque Pork is another must-try on the platter. The gamey taste was offset by the honey glaze, resulting in a blend of sweet and savoury flavours mingling in my mouth.

Jade Dim Sum 12

The Roasted Duck actually reminded me a bit of the taste of liver. And as someone who enjoys a good plate of braised pork innards, this was definitely a plus point. Slightly tougher than the other pork items, this Roasted Duck was a good change of pace from the pork platter.

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But the real star of the platter had to be the Crispy Roasted Pork Belly. With its super crispy top layer and a soft melt-in-the-mouth fatty layer, this sinfully good item was the best part of the platter. There was an audible crunch when I bit into the pork belly, and I loved how the fatty layer was so flavourful and soft. I could probably polish off an entire platter of these!

Jade Dim Sum 14

A meal wouldn’t be complete without a clear, flavourful broth at a Cantonese restaurant. The Double-Boiled Fish Maw, Sea Cucumber, Bamboo Pith and Tofu Dumpling in Superior Consomme offered just that. Light on the palate despite the gelatinous ingredients, the broth had a fishy taste that wasn’t too overwhelming.

The bamboo pith added a different texture to the soup, with its slightly crunchy and fibrous texture. I also enjoyed the smooth tofu dumpling, which had a surprise shrimp in the middle. It was so smooth, it practically just slid down my through.

Jade Dim Sum 15

The sea cucumber was easy to spot in the broth, as it was the only dark coloured ingredient in the pale broth. Gelatinous and chewy, it added a slight briny flavour to the soup.

Jade Dim Sum 16

Thick and jelly-like in texture, the fish maw was infused with both the sweet taste of the soup and the briny flavour of the sea cucumber. They say it’s full of collagen, so eat up!

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Next up was the Wok-Fried Rice Flour Rolls with Scallop in XO Sauce. The strong wok hei fragrance was evident from the very first whiff. Lightly crisped on the outside, the rice flour rolls retained it smooth sweetness on the inside.

The XO sauce added a nice touch of heat that surfaced at the back of my throat.

Jade Dim Sum 18

The scallops were a welcome addition. Sweet and lingering, they lifted the flavour of the rice flour rolls.

Jade Dim Sum 30

Finally, it’s time for dessert. In line with their theme of florals and bird motifs, the Lotus Paste Pastry Flowers were served on a beautifully decorated plate of birds and butterflies. What’s more amazing is that all of them are hand-crafted from gelatin.

Jade Dim Sum 25

In a shade of blushing pink, the thin crispy layers of the pastry formed a lotus flower. The pastry was lightly dusted with sugar, which lent more sweetness to the subtle flavour of the lotus paste. Smooth and very fragrant, this pastry dessert tasted almost like a lighter version of mooncake.

Jade Dim Sum 22

There was also a refreshing Shaved Pineapple Coconut Ice with Champagne Jelly, served in a glass and topped with a raspberry. A fruity tropical dessert, the pineapple flavour dominated the taste profile. The coconut aroma mostly came out towards the end of each mouthful, while the champagne jelly was also a good addition which added a bit of bite to the cool and smooth dessert.

Jade Dim Sum 21

We also had the Bird’s Nest Egg Tart, which was a harmonious blend of flavours. From the crumbly tart shell to the smooth and creamy egg custard, and the subtly sweet and refreshing bird’s nest, this dessert was a great finish to a heavy meal.

If you’re looking to enjoy exceptional dim sum, then Jade Restaurant’s Gourmet Dim Sum Treasures is an excellent choice. With a single seating from 12noon – 3pm, you can be assured of a leisurely dim sum experience.

Expected Damage: $68++ – $108++ per pax

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