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Jekyll and Hyde: Singapore Bar Review

Last Updated: November 9, 2016

Written by Seth Lui

“Bring out the good and bad”

jekyll and hyde tras st manicurious

From the same people who brought you manicurious comes their latest venture- Jekyll and Hyde. Oh, and their 2nd nail-salon manicurious is also just beside the bar- who wants to do their nails while having a spot of gin?

Jekyll and Hyde, which was obviously based off the famous novel, was conceived on the idea that everyone has a little good (Dr. Jekyll) and bad (Mr. Hyde) in them; we learn to accept all our personalities. The bar concept tend to bring out this yin and yang idea, catering to the nice and the naughty.

Joined by Mixologist Jeff Ho who brought us amazing bespoke cocktails at Bar Stories, Jekyll and Hyde aims to achieve similar high standards in customized alcoholic beverages as well as having their own unique set of signature drinks.

SAMSUNG CSC jekyll and hyde singapore cocktail bar

The interior is swish and casual with generous use of cold concrete as well as dark wood panels. Metal elements can also be seen particularly in the furniture that completes the whole industrial chic look.


A well stocked bar with a concentration on rare gins and tequila that go beyond just getting smashed, but getting smashed in style.


The standard menu is based on the 7 deadly Sins, with unique cocktails representing each sin and their aspect.

jekyll and hyde mr bean tao huey cocktail singapore

Mr Bean ($23). Tao Huey, Butterscotch liqeuer, kaya, frangelico, vodka. Yes, you read the ingredients right, it’s made with beancurd and kaya.

Representing the sin of gluttony, I was quite apprehensive to try this Tao Huey mix but co-owner Shawn Tan assured me that so far no customer has tried and hated it- 100% satisfaction. And he was right.

Using the famous Lao Ban tao huey, the cocktail is shaken really well and strained without any bits, giving a smooth texture with that hint of soy. The hazelnut liqeuer combined with subtle kaya also adds a bit of biscuit-like taste to me, and everything basically balanced really well with no sharp flavours. Smooth and creamy like an Singaporean Bailey’s cream, try to get pass the odd ingredients and definitely try this signature drink.

jekyll and hyde bar tras st bespoke cocktail

We couldn’t resist asking the bartender to make a personalized cocktail, seeing that under the tutelage of Jeff Ho, standards has to be quite high. Our requirement was something sweet, floral but not sour and no preference of alcohol.

So what came out was a mix of hibiscus liqueur, lychee liqueur and vodka, finished with a bit of lemon zest. A floral drink with a hint of sweetness, the lychee really brightens up the drink and compliments the hibiscus well. The zest adds a tad more dimension and although being quite a stiff drink, has a lightness to it. Pretty decent execution although sweetness could be adjusted a tad higher due to the high alcohol content to balance it.

jekyll and hyde bar park bench retreat

Park bench retreat ($23).  Oolong tea-infused Gin, lemon, passion fruit simple syrup. As part of their summer menu, I tried this refreshing cocktail creation. The oolong tea was a bit subtle and was taken over by the tart passionfruit. Probably could have infused tea in the gin for a longer period to draw out more intensity.

Still, quite a reinvigorating, simple cocktail.

Now I’m going to talk about some of the unique tequilas and gin that Jekyll and Hyde bar kindly let me sample.

Jekyll and Hyde corralejo tequila singapore

Corralejo Tequila Reposado. A smooth medium bodied tequila with notes of citrus, vanilla and honey sweetness and a bit of peppercorn subtlety. Tequila can be really complex too, not just for taking shots in clubs.

jekyl and hyde sparkle donkey singapore

Sparkle Donkey Tequila Reposado. A blend of lowland and highland agave, the sugar content is high in this one giving a caramel-like finish. Aged in American oak, there are more rich complex flavours than the Corralejo, but I found the Sparkle Donkey not as smooth.

Jekyll and hyde half moon gin singapore

Half Moon Orchard Gin. An original New York gin, this gin uses neutral spirits distilled from wheat and apples in the Hudson Valley, New York. More well-rounded without any sharp botanicals, and very platable to drink.

There are a ton of hidden gems in Tras street and Jekyll and Hyde bar is one of them.  Pretty laid back and relaxed atmosphere without any pompous airs like how other up-market bars can be. New cocktail creations might need a tad more refinement, but their basic signature sin cocktails like the Mr. Bean really blew me away. An outstanding collection of gins as well for the botanical-loving gentleman.

Expected Damage: $23-$30 per cocktail

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Jekyll and Hyde: 49 Tras St, Singapore 078988 | Tel: 6222 3349 | Website

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