Kanazawa Ice: This Melt-Resistant Ice Cream Is Just In Time For The Hot Summer Days In Japan

Kanazawa Ice 1

Summer is upon most of us here in the Southeast Asia and East Asia region, and that means cold drinks, shorts and ice cream to relieve the heat. There are downsides though; cold drinks get warm fast and ice cream melts in what seems like seconds. The land of outlandish innovations has finally come up with a solution to that problem.

Kanazawa Ice is a product that was invented when scientists found out that a liquid extracted from strawberries called polyphenol solidified cream, and realised that it could be used to help ice cream retain its shape longer. Apparently, Kanazawa Ice remained resistant to melting even when a hair dryer was used to melt it.

This could spell the end of melting ice cream and sticky fingers, which I’m definitely super excited for!

Kanazawa Ice: Available in Kanazawa, Osaka and Tokyo | WebsiteInstagram