Keef the Beef at The Grandstand serves the legendary Peter Luger-style butter broiled steaks

The Grandstand, formerly known as Turf City, houses one well-kept secret everyone should share. It’s none other than Keef the Beef, which has been operating since 10 December 2020, a steakhouse I had the pleasure of discovering.

And why’s that? Well, this place has become my new number one choice for phenomenal steaks! Now, let me share with you my wonderful gastronomical experience.

keef the beef - restaurant entrance

My first impressions of the place were: discreet, unassuming, and humble. The logo of a bird at the main entrance of the restaurant left me intrigued. “Why would there be a bird instead of a cow if this was a steakhouse?” I thought to myself.

Upon further inquiry, I discovered that this was actually a Canadian goose which acts as a reminder to the owners to stay humble and grounded— this wasn’t an easy journey for them.

keef the beef - restaurant owners
Credit – Keef the Beef

Keef the Beef first started its journey as a home-based business that was run by husband and wife duo, Keith and Jeanne, back in May 2020.

Keith is absolutely obsessed with steaks. He travelled around the globe checking out different steakhouses, spent money buying high-tech equipment that only professional chefs would use, experimented with different techniques and cuts, prepared countless meals for family and friends… the list goes on.

keef the beef - restaurant interior

Their current 75-seat steakhouse is cosy and has two private rooms which can seat 8 pax and 10 pax respectively. Its terrace at The Grandstand also serves Vietnamese Cuisine at lunch in a partnership called Dang Hong’s.

keef the beef - food

They have unique appetisers like Ehire Yaki (S$12), which is actually grilled stingray fin served with mayo. The texture and taste reminded me of a chewy cuttlefish, and the flavours matched really well with the mayonnaise— this would be perfect as a beer snack!

Chope Reservations

The Bone Marrow (S$29) contains 3 pieces of marrow served with freshly toasted bread. There was a layer of crispy breadcrumbs on top of the velvety and creamy marrow which provided a satisfying crunch and helped tone down the richness of the dish. When paired with the bread, it was absolutely divine!

keef the beef - fiorentina

The PL Fiorentina (S$159 for 900g, S$179 for 1.1kg) was the highlight of the meal. Featuring two different cuts of beef in one, you can indulge in the delicious marbled NY strip on one side and the super tender fillet on the other.

Keith drew inspiration from Peter Luger, where the steak is soaked in a secret butter-based sauce and inserted into a 1000°F Salamander. By doing so, the chemical reaction between the amino acids and reducing sugars browns the meat and gives off a distinctive flavour. 

Heck! I was a chef once and didn’t even know that steaks could be done by this method. Keith has opened up my eyes and has delivered such a moist and flavourful steak. This is by far the best steak I have eaten, ever.

keef the beef - wagyu f1

The Wagyu F1 MBS 5-6 OP Rib (S$22 for 100g) options range from 1.2kg to 1.6kg. It has various cuts like the ribeye and rib cap (more tender and oily). The steak is extremely tender and flavourful on its own, but the taste when combined with the Chimichurri Sauce (S$5) was a totally different ball game altogether; herby and delicious!

Thinking of having the steaks delivered to your home, but also worried that the quality will be different?

Not to worry, the steaks are intentionally undercooked to allow ambient heat to spread through the meat while double-wrapping them to lock the heat in. The position of the food items are also meticulously positioned to ensure heat retention— such an ingenious method!

Head on down to The Grandstand now to try their exceptional steaks served at Keef the Beef, and let me know if you agree that they are the best steaks you’ve ever had.

For opening hours, click here.

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Our Rating: 5 / 5

Keef the Beef

200 Turf Club Road, #01-12, Singapore 287994

Our Rating 5/5

Keef the Beef

200 Turf Club Road, #01-12, Singapore 287994

Telephone: +65 6972 1582
Telephone: +65 6972 1582
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