Kei Kaisendon: Fresh Sashimi Rice Bowls + Unagi Don From S$12.90 At Marina Square

Just a five-minute walk away from Promenade MRT Station, Kei Kaisendon specialises in fresh Japanese seafood rice bowls.

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It isn’t hard to spot Kei Kaisendon as it is right at the entrance of the mall via the connecting bridge from Millenia Walk to Marina Square.

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The floor-to-ceiling glass panels allows for ample light to flow through the cosy restaurant, brightening up the dining area.

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The rice bowls were arranged with a variety of cubed sashimi and vegetables in different colours, and topped with some fish roe, sesame seeds, wasabi and ginger.

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The first rice bowl we had was their signature Kei Signature Kaisen Don (S$12.90/small, S$16.90/regular, S$19.90/large). A big piece of dried seaweed is also folded and placed neatly with your rice bowl.

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As I tried the sashimi, I was surprised at how fresh and silky the cubes were. For the price point, it sure is a steal, especially when each bowl had a good amount of sashimi so you can be rest assured that they will not shortchange you.

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Pieces of amaebi and scallops are also included in the dish. The amaebi, also known as spot prawns, had a distinctive sweet taste while there was a briny tang to the scallops.

What I liked about the scallops though, was that they were chewy but didn’t have the rubbery texture so it doesn’t make the chewing tough.

Kei Kaisendon 11

If I didn’t know any better, I would’ve just eaten the dish as it was—mouthfuls of rice with the other ingredients that were in the bowl.

However, there are actually four other ways where you can enjoy your rice bowl. One of the methods was to drizzle the shoyu sauce that’s provided at our table. This will make the dish more savoury too.

Kei Kaisendon 7

Another method was by using the big piece of laver they provided and making your own California hand roll, also known as Tamaki. The cone-shaped bite is a good alternative change since we’re all used to eating our sashimi dons straight from the bowl.

Kei Kaisendon 4

We also decided to try their Mentaiyaki Kaisendon (S$17.90) which is essentially the same as their Kei Signature Kaisen Don except this rice bowl is generously covered in mentaiyaki sauce.

Before our orders were served, they blow-torched the mentaiyaki sauce to give it the smoky flavour.

Kei Kaisendon 8

The aburi mentaiyaki smelled amazing as the bowl was placed right in front of us. We could already tell that it would taste as remarkable as it looked. Although you can eat it however you want to, we chose to use one of the recommended methods of eating to go with our Mentaiyaki Kaisendon (S$17.90).

Kei Kaisendon 13

Each table will be provided with a bottle of mayonnaise and some chilli powder. We were told to squeeze some mayonnaise over our mentaiyaki rice bowl and sprinkle some chilli powder too.  The entire bowl was packed with flavours of the sea from the sashimi to the mentaiyaki sauce, making each bite delectable.

Kei Kaisendon 5

Our next rice bowl is an Unagi Don (S$16.90) that comes with an onsen egg. You can choose to complete your meal with Set A (S$3) which includes a bowl of miso soup, a side of salad, and a cup of hot or cold green tea. Alternatively, you may choose to opt for Set B (S$6) which has all the items Set A has, plus another side of three pieces of salmon sashimi slices.

Kei Kaisendon 6

The unagi fillet is glazed with a sweetened soy-based sauce that they caramelised using the torch. The lavish spread covers the pearly white Japanese rice that sits nicely in the bowl and is finished off with a sprinkle of sesame seeds and shredded nori seaweed. A piece of tamagoyaki is also included in our Unagi Don (S$16.90).

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Since tamagoyaki is known for its sweet and light texture, the mentaiyaki sauce on the tamagoyaki balances out the sweetness with its piquant flavour. The Tamago Mentai ($3.90 for two pieces) is a permanent menu item under add-ons, and it’s really popular with customers.

When we’re halfway through our rice bowls, it’s time for the fourth way of eating—pour the soup of the day in your half-eaten rice bowl and enjoy it like a warm bowl of porridge. Since we ordered our rice bowls with Set A, we used the miso soup that we had.


The sashimi kaisendons are more savoury compared to the Unagi Don. So for people who prefer a sweeter meal, you may want to order the Unagi Don when you’re there.

Expected Damage: S$19.90 per pax 

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Price: $

Our Rating: 4 / 5

Kei Kaisendon

6 Raffles Boulevard, #02-266A/B Marina Square, Singapore 039594

Our Rating 4/5

Kei Kaisendon

6 Raffles Boulevard, #02-266A/B Marina Square, Singapore 039594

Telephone: +65 6264 8155
Operating Hours: 11.30am – 9.30pm (Daily)
Telephone: +65 6264 8155

Operating Hours: 11.30am – 9.30pm (Daily)
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