Unhappy with your chicken? Exchange it for a new one with KFC’s latest policy

Last Updated: February 25, 2021

Written by Nicole Lam

Kfc The Colonel's Guarantee 1

Credit – KFC

If you know me, you know that I love KFC. Yes, I love my foie gras and lobster but give me popcorn chicken, and I’m yours.  After all, it’s written right into my bio. Well, the love for fried chicken with KFC runs deep, and I’m here to make you love them even more with their Colonel’s Guarantee Campaign.

It all started with whispers from the crowd that (gasp!) the fried chicken from KFC hasn’t been that great lately. I know, how dare they?! But, you know my KFC, they are ever committed to making sure that their chicken tastes just as good. Enter the Colonel’s Guarantee Campaign, where you can get a 1-for-1 exchange for your chicken if it’s not up to your standards.

Box of chicken from KFC

Credit – KFC

I know, it sounds almost too good to be true but here is how you do it. So, if you are dining in at any KFC outlet and you are unsatisfied with their Original Recipe or Hot & Crispy Chicken, like any good Singaporean, you head over to the counter to air your grievances. Make sure to bring your chicken along with you, and it can be uneaten or partially eaten. Then you would fill out a feedback form by scanning a QR code. Make sure to include the four magic words, and they are: fresh, tender, juicy and good.

Show the completed form to KFC staff, and they will promptly replace your chicken with a fresh one. Yup, it’s that simple.

If you do happen to do takeaway with your KFC, not to worry, you can exchange it too. Just note that the exchange must be made in-person at the same store of purchase and on the same day of purchase. Make sure to bring your receipt and the chicken you wish to exchange. Then, you’d be asked to fill up a feedback form. Remember to use the same magic four words. After that, your chicken will be replaced. The campaign is the first of its kind in Asia, and I’m amused just as I’m impressed.

Truly, it’s a promise that every piece of chicken is fresh, tender, juicy and good—indeed, that’s a military man we can all get behind.

Date and time: Available now at all KFC outlets.

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