KFC SG’s fried chicken skin is back to ruin our 2021 diet plans

We are four days into the new year and if you have yet to start on that healthy eating new year’s resolution of yours, looks like you might want to hit pause as KFC Singapore is back with our all-time favourite snack—Chicken Skin

Kfc Fried Chicken Skin Online 3

Deep-fried to crispy perfection, these delectable bites are now available in two flavours, Original Recipe and Spicy, at just S$3.60 per box

Fans of KFC Singapore’s Original Recipe Chicken will love their Original Recipe Chicken Skin, a beautifully seasoned savoury option that simply hits the spot with its slight herbaceous and peppery flavour. 

Otherwise, if you are in for a little heat, give their brand new Spicy Chicken Skin a try. Whilst KFC Singapore has not released the kind of spices used in this one, you can probably expect it to have the same punch of heat as their addictive Hot & Crispy Chicken. Even as I am typing this, I can already imagine myself mindlessly popping these bite-sized treats into my mouth—shiok.  

Kfc Fried Chicken Skin Online 2

Avid supporters of KFC Singapore’s Chicken Skin would know that these humble boxes of golden delights are usually sold out the moment they are released. To satisfy the bellies of all their diners, KFC Singapore has limited the sales of their Chicken Skin to five sets per transaction. 

If you are planning to get them as a mid-day treat for the family or your fellow office colleagues, do take note and plan your purchase properly to avoid any disappointment!

Kfc Fried Chicken Skin Online 4

While placing your orders for the fried Chicken Skin, don’t forget to also check out their Chicken & Fries Deal (S$11.50). Great for sharing between two, you can get to save up to 56% for this five-piece chicken set that comes with two servings of medium fries. Now, this is definitely a deal you won’t want to miss. 

What else are you waiting for? Hurry head to your nearest KFC Singapore outlet and get your hands on a box of Chicken Skin whilst they are available.

Date and Time: Available at all KFC Singapore outlets from 4 January 2021 for a limited time only

Price:  S$3.60 per box of Chicken Skin, S$11.50 for Chicken & Fries Deal