Kimly Dim Sum: Premium & Affordable Dim Sum From S$0.80 Per Piece Now At Your Local Kimly Coffee Shop

You know that feeling when you’re craving comforting dim sum, but don’t want to queue hours for a seat at a popular dim sum restaurant?

The answer lies in Kimly Dim Sum, your friendly coffeeshop dim sum stall that dishes out affordable dim sum at super wallet-friendly prices. Think as low as S$0.90 for a Bak Kwa Bao (which was just launched on 8 Aug 2019), Scallop Dumpling or Siew Mai!

Kimly Dim Sum 1620

We visited Kimly Dim Sum at Yishun 925 Food House for breakfast and found out that it serves more than 30 types of dim sum items at its stalls. Just looking at the towering pile of steamed bamboo baskets made my mouth water.

Kimly Dim Sum 1638

The first thing I tried was Kimly Dim Sum’s newly launched Bak Kwa Bao (S$0.90/piece, S$4/five pieces, S$8/10 pieces).

Kimly Dim Sum 1649

When I first popped this little steamed bun into my mouth, I actually thought it was a char siew bao! The filling was jam-like and slightly sweet, while the meat was springy and tender.

After chewing, I could taste the characteristic sweet and charred taste of bak kwa. I loved how it went hand-in-hand with the fluffy charcoal bun, which was smoky and soft.

Kimly Dim Sum 1670

If you buy the Bak Kwa Bao in bunches of five buns or ten buns, Kimly Dim Sum even packs it in a nice paper box for you, perfect for bringing home to share with your family and friends.

Kimly Dim Sum 1653

Apart from buns, Kimly Dim Sum also has an array of other dim sums, such as Hong Kong Style Chee Cheong Fun (S$2/portion), which comes with either char siew or prawn.

We chose char siew, and I really loved how soft the silky smooth rice rolls were. Plus, it was topped with a good amount of fried shallots, which gave every mouthful a nice crunch.

Kimly Dim Sum 1650

I also ordered the Century Egg Pork Porridge (S$2.30) and was super pleased to see that the porridge was silky and thick, just like congee you’d get in Hong Kong.

The century egg was more savoury than pungent and the chunks of springy pork were juicy, and both went really well with the comforting porridge.

Kimly Dim Sum 1664

Fried dim sum is always a huge hit with the kids, so be sure to order Fried Prawn Dumpling (S$0.80/piece) and Fried Sotong Roll (S$0.80/piece). It came with mayonnaise, perfect for dipping to get that tangy and creamy finish.

Kimly Dim Sum 1659

Kimly Dim Sum’s Prawn Dumpling (S$2/basket) was pretty delicious because of how much prawn filling there was – just look at the skin-to-filling ratio! Plus, the prawns were fresh and juicy, and burst in my mouth when I bit on it.

There’s just something so comforting about good dim sum, which Kimly Dim Sum dishes out without fail.

You get to try many different types of small bites — from soft and silky smooth chee cheong fun, to savoury chunks of barbecued meat, to even fried dumplings and bowls of piping hot congee… Mmm.

It’s a great meal no matter the day, time or occasion, and certainly more fantastic if you get to share this table of yummy goodness with friends or family.

Expected Damage: S$0.80 – S$6 per pax

*This post is brought to you in partnership with Kimly Dim Sum.