Kin Cow: Holy Cow! Thai Beef Noodles With Premium Beef For Only $10.90

Kin Cow Thai Beef Noodles - Signage

Finally a place to get my Thai Beef Noodle fix without needing to head to Golden Mile Complex. Situated at Chinatown Point, Kin Cow – “eat cow” is a pun on a Thai expression, Kin Khao — which means “to eat rice”.

Officially opened on 19 September 2016 by owners, Ali and Jethro, their version of Thai Beef Noodles served here uses various cuts of premium beef imported from Australia, U.S and Japan. The recipe for its authentic Thai-styled broth was developed in partnership with Mr Rudd and his wife, who owns six Thai roadside stalls selling traditional Sud Yod Kuay Teow Reua.

Not to worry, if you’re not a lover of Thai Beef Noodles, Kin Cow’s menu offers a diverse range of Thai dishes that include Pad See (Stir Fried Rice Noodles), Pad Woon (Stir Fried Glass Noodles), Fried Rice and other sides like Thai Omelette, Chicken Wings and Papaya Salad.

Kin Cow Thai Beef Noodles - Interior 1

Boasting a simple and welcoming interior with wooden furnishings, the restaurant has ample seats that can accommodate groups of various sizes.

If you’re not sure about which cut of beef to order, just look at the display of the cut-out cow that is hung on the wall, highlighting the individual cuts of beef.

Kin Cow Thai Beef Noodles - Interior 2

The wooden walls are decorated with the modern looking art that features the different cities of Thailand. Time to test your knowledge on the Land of Smiles, while waiting for your meal to come.

Kin Cow Thai Beef Noodles - Thai Milk Tea & Fresh Lemongrass Tea

We started with a glass of Thai Iced Tea ($4.90), which was perfectly thick and not overly sweet, the Fresh Lemongrass Tea ($4.90) had a nice whiff of citrus and freshness that made for a refreshing start to our meal.

Kin Cow Thai Beef Noodles - Papaya Salad

A humble street dish, Som-Tam (Thai Papaya Salad, $9.90) served here contains fresh julienne raw green papaya, roasted peanuts, dried shrimp, tomatoes and long beans.

The appetizer is a mix of sweet and sour-ish flavours that has a good amount of heat as well. The dish is enhanced with the addition of dried shrimp for that slight briny burst to get that appetite going.

Kin Cow Thai Beef Noodles - Chiang Mai Curry Noodles

Kin Cow does a pretty decent version of Chiang Mai Curry Noodles ($13.90), you can choose between chicken, pork or beef.

Our dish arrived with a good amount of steamed chicken wings and was served with yellow rice noodles topped with crispy egg noodles, providing a unique contrast of textures with each bite. The fragrance of the curry really comes through, though I would have preferred to have more curry gravy in the bowl.

Kin Cow Thai Beef Noodles - Chiang Mai Curry Noodles with garnish

Go ahead and add in the garnishes provided to eat it as the locals do in Thailand. The black chilli paste provided a fragrant aroma and caters to the chilli lovers who would want their noodles to be that much spicier.

I couldn’t wait for the Thai Beef Noodles to be served and popped in to the kitchen to observe the preparation of the beef noodles by the chefs.

Kin Cow Thai Beef Noodles - Kitchen 1

Just look at the giant pot of braised brisket! I could already imagine the rich and robust flavours of the brisket that are first dished out of the pot and placed into the bowl.

Kin Cow Thai Beef Noodles - Brisket Rice Noodles without Soup

Next, each component in the bowl is cooked individually before being assembled together. Just look at how decadent the bowl of beef noodles look, even before the broth is poured in.

Kin Cow Thai Beef Noodles - Pouring in soup

Finally, the rich broth made from boiling chicken and pork bones along with other traditional Thai herbs and spices is slowly poured in to infuse with the rice noodles.

Standing outside the kitchen I could already smell the fragrant aromas of the broth while it was being dished out.

Kin Cow Thai Beef Noodles - Brisket Soup RIce Noodles

To place your order for the Thai Beef Noodles, you are first required to choose your preferred cut of beef (Brisket – $10.90, Short-Rib – $12.90, Sirloin – $14.90, Ribeye – $17.90 and Wagyu – $22.90) followed by your choice of noodles (Thai Thin Rice Noodles, Thin Glass Noodles, Thai ‘Mee’ Rice Noodles, Chinese Egg Noodles) or Thai Jasmine rice.

Enhance your bowl with add-ons (Beef Balls – Five for $4.50, Beef Tripe – $3, Beef Tendon – $3 or extra beef cuts)

Kin Cow Thai Beef Noodles - Beef Short Rib Glass Noodle

Finally decide if you want your bowl of beef noodles dry or with soup. The dry noodles are tossed in a simple sauce and served separately with the beef soup. We decided to try both the dry and soup versions.

For our soup combination, we went with the Thai Beef Short-Rib glass noodles ($12.90) with additional Tendon ($3). I love how the short-ribs are thinly sliced to allow us to enjoy the meaty and juicy flavours of the beef. The slices which were perfectly cooked were not too tough and had a nice chewy texture to it. Paired with the smooth gelatenous tendon that melted in my mouth, I truly enjoy this bowl of hearty and meaty flavours.

Each bowl of beef noodles also contains beef balls which have a firm and pliant bite that provide a nice contrast from the thinly sliced beef.

Kin Cow Thai Beef Noodles - Ribeye Dry Thai Rice Noodles

For the dry version, we went with the Ribeye and Thai Thin Rice Noodles ($17.90).  Sliced thinly the rib eye spotted a fuller body flavour with its fattier content making the dish more luscious and richer tasting. The Thai Thin Rice Noodles have a slightly firmer bite when compared to the Thai Glass Noodles, which I feel is a better option if you’re going for the soup version.

Kin Cow Thai Beef Noodles - Chilli sauces

To complete the experience, Kin Cow provides various kinds of chilli sauces that pair with the various styles of Beef Noodles served here. The chilli powder goes well with the dry version and can be added into the soup as well. For a spicier kick go for the chicken rice looking chilli sauce that really lingers after eating it. Thankfully a milder green chilli sauce has coriander blended in to have a fresher and slightly sweeter taste.

Kin Cow Thai Beef Noodles - Coconut Ice-cream

We thought the mains were fantastic, but the desserts were no pushover either. Thankfully we saved some space for Kin Cow’s dessert offerings.

The Coconut Ice-Cream ($6.90) is served in a half coconut and topped off with peanuts and salted mung beans that helps to refresh the palette after the heavier flavours from the broth. The portion size is rather huge and I would advice to share this with at least four people.

Kin Cow Thai Beef Noodles - Mango Sticky Rice

I’m a huge fan of Mango with Sticky Rice ($6.90), a classic Thai dessert that many Singaporeans will hunt down when they are in Thailand.

Kin Cow’s version is straight forward featuring honey sweet mangoes and a ball of sticky glutinous rice garnished with mung bean for crunch and drizzled with coconut milk for that creamy sweetness that gels together the flavours of the rice and mangoes.

My only gripe would be the portion size which I think could be slightly bigger to make it easy for groups to share.

Kin Cow-31

Given that the restaurant is only about a month into operations, I am surprised that their service is already running like clock-work. As probably the first Thai Beef Noodle Restaurant in a shopping mall, they have gone in the right direction by choosing to keep to the authentic Thai flavours while catering to the Singapore market with premium cuts of beef.

With a simple goal of keeping their customers happy and satisfied, I look forward to how Kin Cow will further enhance their menu offerings and establish themselves as a mainstay for Thai Beef Noodles in the Singapore market and beyond.

Expected damage: $15 – $20

Kin Cow: 133 New Bridge Road, #02-34, Chinatown Point, Singapore 059413 | Tel: 65149265 | Facebook | Opening hours: Tue – Fri: 11.30am – 3pm, 6pm – 10pm (Closed on Mon), Sat – Sun: 11.30am – 10pm

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