Guinness World Records’ Most Expensive Rice In The World Comes To Singapore In November 2017

If you thought rice was a basic commodity, you might want to rethink that notion when the world’s most expensive rice comes to Singapore in November 2017. Listed on the Guinness World Records list for being the priciest rice grain in the world, Kinmemai Premium is tagged with an insane price tag of $148 per kilogram!

Kinmemai Rice 4 (edited)

Why all the hubbub? Kinmemai Premium is a blend of five rice varieties from different producers in prefectures such as Nagano and Niigata. The blend alters yearly based on flavour profile and is branded as a rice product that has more in vitamins and fewer in calories. It is also rinse-free, due to the milling process used by Toyo Rice’s (the exclusive manufacturer) patented rice technology.

Kinmemai Rice (edited)

The technology adopted by Toyo Rice allows the polishing process to remove only the water-resistant, indigestible wax layer from the husk, while retaining beneficial nutrients and flavours.

The brand has, in fact, a more affordable range currently in supermarkets, but Kinmemai Premium will be sure to set the bar higher for carb lovers. How high? When it becomes available online to local shoppers next month, it’ll be sold for $155 per box (six 140g sachets).

Pricing: $155 per box (six 140g sachets)

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