KitKat Japan Reveals All-New Golden Caramel Tokyo Banana KitKat Now In Tokyo

KitKat Japan has always been known for its unique flavour combinations—a few of these quirky flavours even include Hot Japanese Chilli and Cough Drop

Recently, KitKat has unveiled yet another flavour: the Gold Caramel Tokyo Banana KitKat.

Tokyo Banana X Kitkat 3

This new KitKat flavour is available from now until 8 January 2020 at Tokyo Station 1st Street B1F Tokyo Oshikashi Island (Tokyo Sweets Land).

Tokyo Banana X Kitkat 4 3

Back in 2015, KitKat released a similar product, the KitKat Mini Tokyo Banana. This KitKat is available all year round and is made with the signature banana custard fragrance from Tokyo Banana. 

Tokyo Banana X Kitkat 2 2
Tokyo Banana X Kitkat 7

As for the newest version of the Tokyo Banana X KitKat collaboration, the KitKat Mini Tokyo Banana kneads caramel powder into both the banana-flavoured white chocolate and its coating. The gold-coloured chocolate has a delicate banana and caramel scent, and the best part of this treat is actually the sweet backstory behind its creation.

Tokyo Banana X Kitkat 6 2

The KitKat was created to support and congratulate those who have been working hard for the nation and to cheer on the athletes taking part in the upcoming Tokyo Olympics Games.

Starting from 9 January 2020 onwards, the product will be made available at other stores

The Gold Caramel Tokyo Banana package is available as either eight pieces (S$8.80) and 15 pieces (S$16.05)

Tokyo Banana has always been that go-to snack when I visit Japan and KitKats are my favourite for chocolate treats. The blend of these two flavours and the addition of caramel seems like the perfect remedy for my sweet tooth.

Dates & Times: Now available until 8 Jan 2020 (Tokyo Okashi Land) | From 9 Jan 2020 onwards  (available at other stores)

Price: S$8.80 (eight pieces) & S$16.05 (15 pieces)