‘Chope’ These New Ice Kacang & Singaporean KitKat Flavours Available On RedMart

Kit Kai 1

If your day has been too stressful, why not take a break and have a KitKat? KitKat has now released two different flavours: Ice Kacang and Traditional Nasi Lemak.

We decided to take a chance with these new chocolate flavours — besides, who doesn’t like ice kacang and nasi lemak?

Kit Kai 2

The white chocolate came in the usual bar with four breaks, and contained nuts and raisins. It was a bit sweeter than ordinary KitKat bars, but it was lacking the familiar taste of the dessert. Perhaps, swapping out the raisins for red beans might do the job.

Kit Kai 6

The Traditional Nasi Lemak was a mix of sweet and spicy flavours. KitKat used white chocolate as their base, with chilli flakes sprinkled on the top. The heat from the chilli lingers in your mouth for a little while, but it’s more of a subtle tingle rather than a hit.

I actually preferred the Traditional Nasi Lemak flavour more because of its interesting taste, even though Ice Kacang would seem like a more conventional flavour pairing. But really, nothing beats the original KitKat wafer bars!

Prices: S$7.50 (Available on Redmart)