The Knolls (Capella): Singapore Buffet Review

“A refreshing buffet”

the knolls capella hotel sentosa

Hidden deep in Sentosa, The Knolls at Capella Hotel Singapore is inspired by a seafront view and lends a refreshing resort-like atmosphere.

Serving a mediterranean style cuisine crafted by Executive Chef David Senia, The Knolls caters a luxurious, relaxing buffet meal amidst all the tropical shrubbery perfect for a short weekend reprieve. 

the knolls capella pool side

the knolls capella sentosa

Other than the usual indoor dining, engage in intimate conversations in the alfresco seatings just outside by the open-air pool that overlooks Singapore’s sea line.

the knolls restaurant interior

And on the inside, a warm comforting layout presents itself upon your entrance. Still quite a bit of maple-colored wood all around for that resort mood that signifies Capella Singapore.

the knolls champagne brunch singapore

the knolls champagne buffet capella

On this weekend, we got to try the Sunday champagne brunch. Champagne of choice here is the Charles Du Roy, a refreshing and flowery flavour with powerful bubbles. I look puzzlingly to the other reviewers who skip the champagne in a champagne brunch.

the knolls cold cuts

Cold cuts and Spanish hams are available along with various charcuterie.

the knolls buffet bread

Breads and savoury pastries like quiches are aplenty as well for those who need their flour fix.

capella seafood buffet

Have your pick of seasonal French, American and Canadian oysters in the cold seafood section. Other than oysters, the other fresh seafoods were a bit lacking though and I didn’t see the usual crabs and lobsters prevalent at many Sunday brunch buffets.

capella hotel scallop

The various other items are more un-conventional to a buffet though, like this scallop shell with truffle.

the knolls french duck

the knolls-06289030

One of the signatures here is this French version of the Peking duck, which uses more meat rather than just skin and is also wrapped in a pancake skin. Lacked the sweet familiar taste of sweet bean sauce and quite a different unique taste.

the knolls lobster potato salad

Potato salad with lobster. Although I said I couldn’t find lobster in the seafood section, I did find it in this scrumptious potato salad with lobster claws.

the knolls-06289044

the knolls capella sushi

A myriad of dishes that draw more on creativity than variety.

the knolls-06289034

The atmosphere is made even more lively with a live band, somewhat like a local mariachi version. They also go table to table to sing with the guests, who tend to join in sometimes. Join in the fun and celebrate sunday with a song.

the knolls-06289043

the knolls outdoor bbq

Outside of the entrance of The Knolls, another section of live BBQ, kebabs and more roasts is extended.

the knolls-06289039

pork ribs

Meat lovers will go nuts in this section. Chow on juicy succulent ribs, kebabs, satays and sausages all roasted and heated in front of you.

the knolls salt crusted beef

Salt-baked beef. Quite flavorful, but the ends tend to be more cooked. My recommendation is to request chef for the redder parts so it’s not as dry. You get to bring back the whole piece if you can lift Thor’s hammer.

the knolls buffet suckling pig

Suckling pig. This is a recommended must try pork, with an amazing crispy skin and tender flesh that gives Chinese style suckling pigs a run for their money.

the knolls special item

Poached egg waffle. Special items from the kitchen will be presented to each table like this Mediterranean style waffle with truffles and that hint of sourness from the sauce. These special items are random, and sometimes customized based on the crowd, a very unique method to keep guests surprised.

the knolls-06289005

the knolls-06289007

the knolls-06289009

the knolls desserts

The desserts are not just fancy to look at, but decadent to the palate as well.

the knolls-06289085

A cheese trolley rolls out near the end of the meal, and the chef can recommend a variety of fromage paired with fruits/crackers.

the knolls swimming pool sentosa capella

Despite the classy hotel, The Knolls is actually pretty laid-back a restaurant. Buffet dishes are not as wide-spread, but are driven more on creatively designed items given the limited space. A lively mood is also created by the animated band that accompanies the meal.

A pricey Sunday brunch no doubt, this is a premium buffet catered to the affluent. Stunning view and service, The Knolls is well-suited for rich tai tais and the like to chill and relax.

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Expected Damage: Sunday Brunch – $168++ (inclusive of Champagne and Wine) | $148++ (Wines only) | $128++ (no alcohol)

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The Knolls: 1 The Knolls, Capella Hotel (Sentosa Island), Singapore 098297 | Tel: 65915046  | Website