Kream Beer: Korean Beers And Cute Plushies Will Have You Skreaming From Within

Last Updated: January 19, 2017

Written by Gwendolyn Lim


If you are craving for alcohol, feeling down and need something to hug, Kream Beer will check all your boxes of needs. Located along Duxton Road, the bar is not hard to spot.

Upon entry, we were greeted by an array of ornaments lying on the counter top and cute bunny plushies from Craftholic with arms and legs crossed.


The seating area may look squeezy because the tables and seats are rather small, so cosy up while you grab a drink or two.


The bar is decorated with beers bottles, photographs and little trinkets, while The menu serves a variety of beer as well as some light bites. In the beer selection, there is Kream Beer, Kloud Beer and Dark Beer, starting at $9 for 350ml and $12 for 500ml.


The Kloud beer was lighter on the palate, smooth and malty. Opt for Kream beer, if you’re looking for the lightest version out of the three. The Dark beer had a bitter after taste with a richer finish, and it felt stronger in alcohol percentage, yet really smooth down the throat.


The Kream So-Maek ($12 for 350ml) is a grapefruit flavour beer, followed by a Soju shot in the middle. The top part actually has 12% alcohol as compared to the bottom at 5% alcohol. On the table is a metal tong which you can use to take the soju glass out while you enjoy the rest of the beer.


The Fruity Beer ($11 for 350ml) selection left us spoilt for choice. There were options of Watermelon, Yuzu, Orange, Pomegranate, and more. The popular ones were actually Yuzu and grapefruit, but we chose the Apple Beer for a different experience. You could taste the sweetness and tang from the apple with each mouthful.


The best part of the bar is that they have a charging portal for you to charge your phone! Wifi is also available too, so you don’t have to worry about bursting your mobile data while posting photos and Instagram stories while sitting there all night nibbling on the bar bites and sipping on beers.

Expected Damage: $10 onwards

Kream Beer: 60 Duxton Road, Singapore 089524 | Tel: 9299 7457 | Website | Opening Hours: Daily 5PM-2AM

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