Kreams Krafthouse: Toffee Dalgona Coffee at Autumn-themed Korean Café in Maxwell

If spending an afternoon indulging in café-hopping sounds like your idea of a good time, then you’ve probably heard of the new kid on the block.

Kreams Krafthouse @ Maxwell 21

Taking over our Instagram feeds with vibrant splashes of autumnal reds, yellows and oranges, Kreams Krafthouse at Maxwell Chambers is the latest café craze. Even a cynic like me can admit to a secret longing for #ootd shots under the canopy of autumn foliage.

Kreams Krafthouse @ Maxwell 22

I must say, the contrast between the crisp white exterior walls and the warmly-lit café added to the cosy atmosphere. I had plenty of time to ponder this, as I waited in line to enter the café on a Saturday afternoon.

Kreams Krafthouse @ Maxwell 1

Stepping into the café at last, the spacious interior and overarching autumnal canopy transported me to a park in Korea. The light wood furnishings and mismatched chair added a touch of quirkiness, in a homely way.

Kreams Krafthouse @ Maxwell 12

I did my research prior to my visit, so I was quick to order a few of their popular drinks. Do note that the most popular ones like the Dalgona Latte (S$8) sells out pretty early.

Most of us would be familiar with the dalgona coffee trend that whipped up a social media frenzy, but did you know that ‘dalgona’ actually refers to honeycomb toffee?

Kreams Krafthouse @ Maxwell 13

The Dalgona Latte here at Kreams Krafthouse adheres more closely to the Korean version, which is to say that sugary bits of honeycomb toffee topped the drink, instead of a mountain of foam.

If you like your coffee sweet, you’ll like the Dalgona Latte. As it stands, I’m strictly a double espresso shot kind of girl, so this drink was a little too sweet for me. I did enjoy the fun crunchy texture of the honeycomb toffee, though you can also wait for the bits to melt into the coffee before drinking.

Kreams Krafthouse @ Maxwell 16

I always get a basic Cold Brew (S$8), espresso or Long Black (S$5) at cafes as a gauge of how well they know their coffee. Here at Kreams Krafthouse, you get a choice of two different house blends: Black Diamond, or Red Ruby.

The more acidic of the two, the Red Ruby is a medium roast and comes with fruity notes and finishes smooth and bright. Black Diamond, on the other hand, is a dark roast that fills the palate with creamy, nutty, and chocolatey notes, finishing off with almost caramel and toffee-like notes and bitterness.

As someone who prefers coffee with low acidity and more bitter, roasted notes, Black Diamond is the one for me.

Kreams Krafthouse @ Maxwell 14

For a twist on your usual cappuccino, why not get the Dry Cappuccino? None of that bland, barely-there milk foam on this cappuccino. Kreams Krafthouse tops this cappuccino with thick, extra dense foam that you need a spoon to scoop up. And there’s that sprinkle of rich Valrhona cocoa powder for a super chocolatey sip.

That said, the Dry Cappuccino wouldn’t be top on my list on my next visit. Aside from the admittedly amazing foam and cocoa powder, the cappuccino itself was rather average.

Kreams Krafthouse @ Maxwell 11

I might have been there in the late afternoon, but it’s always a good time for whisky. Well in this case, Dutch Whisky (S$16), a coffee whisky cocktail.

A shot of espresso and a dram of whisky came together in perfect harmony—think chocolatey caramel notes meet the slight hint of smoke, and a smooth, bitter finish.

Kreams Krafthouse @ Maxwell 10

If you’re someone who enjoys trying new drinks, then order the Einspanner (S$9). Haven’t heard of this drink before? This classic Viennese coffee comes with espresso and a huge amount of whipped cream on top.

Traditionally, it shouldn’t be stirred before drinking and you should sip it slowly through the whipped cream—so you can look forward to a really epic milk foam moustache.

I really liked how the roasted bitter notes of the coffee came through the creamy top layer, leaving a velvety mouthfeel that you don’t get with regular coffee. I can just imagine pairing this with a lovely apple strudel or chocolate cake.

Speaking of cake, I didn’t manage to try the popular scones, but I did sample a few of the cakes from Kreams Krafthouse.

Kreams Krafthouse @ Maxwell 6

I went straight for the Dark Chocolate Cake (S$8), a surprisingly fluffy confection with layers of dark chocolate mousse. Topped with delicate curls of white chocolate, I was looking forward to a decadent mouthful of chocolatey, nutty notes.

Alas, while this wasn’t a bad cake, this just scraped through into the ‘average’ category. I would’ve liked the chocolate to be more intense, and after all’s said and done, this was rather forgettable.

Kreams Krafthouse @ Maxwell 3

The Speculoos Cheesecake (S$8) was a better bet. A dense, crumbly base paired with creamy, fluffy cheesecake, and a delightfully crunchy top layer completed this cake.

Kreams Krafthouse @ Maxwell 8

Considering how speculoos is often synonymous with ‘overly sweet’, I didn’t expect too much from this cake. Luckily, it sneaked past my cynicism and surprised me with how well the layers came together, producing a lovely bite with caramel toffee notes and a creamy mouthfeel.

Kreams Krafthouse @ Maxwell 18

But one of my favourite cakes here has to be the Carrot Cake (S$8). Simple, but beautifully done. The top layer of cream cheese held just the right balance of sweet buttery goodness, with citrus zest brightening it.

The cake wasn’t too dry, as is wont to happen with carrot cakes, and I could taste the distinct bits of carrot and walnuts within. Pair this with the Red Ruby cold brew, and you’re all set.

If you’re thinking of popping over to Kreams Krafthouse for a visit, I’d recommend avoiding Saturdays. There’s actually a queue if you’re there on the weekend, and standing around in the heat isn’t my idea of a good time.

Kreams Krafthouse certainly proves to be a scenic photo spot, and the cakes and drinks aren’t too shabby as well. It’s a great spot if you happen to be in the area, or if you’re looking for a new profile picture on Instagram and need an #ootd shot.

Expected Damage: S$15 – S$20 per pax

Price: $

Our Rating: 4 / 5

Kreams Krafthouse

32 Maxwell Road, #01-07, Maxwell Chambers, Singapore 069115

Our Rating 4/5

Kreams Krafthouse

32 Maxwell Road, #01-07, Maxwell Chambers, Singapore 069115

Telephone: +65 9620 7739
Operating Hours: 9am – 11pm (Mon to Sat), Closed on Sun
Telephone: +65 9620 7739

Operating Hours: 9am – 11pm (Mon to Sat), Closed on Sun