L’eclair By Sarah Michelle: Dainty Eclairs To Colour Up Your Afternoon High-Teas

L'Eclair by Sarah Michelle - Signage 2

L’eclair by Sarah Michelle is the brainchild behind Sarah and Michelle who has embark on the journey of making eclairs after their graduation from Le Cordon Bleu, Paris in 2013.

Making eclairs is no easy feat and the duo spent a year experimenting with the different eclair flavours which eventually blossomed into a pastry shop specialising in eclairs.

L'Eclair by Sarah Michelle - Interior 2

The interior is chic looking with Italian-inspired layouts. The seats are high-back and comfy, with the long seat at the back spotting velvety linings. It reminds me of a classy lounge, perfect for a high tea session.

l eclair

L’éclair not only offers pretty eclairs, there are also savoury items such as their signature chicken and bacon pie.

A marriage of sweet pastry crust and a savoury interior — you can taste the bacon intertwined with chicken chunks alongside a buttery crumbly exterior.

L'Eclair by Sarah Michelle - Signatrure chicken & bacon pie

The High Tea Degustation set comes at an affordable cost of $50 nett for 2. That is only $25 per pax! Each set comes with five eclairs, a couple of sweet and savoury items to go along, and a cup of coffee or tea for two.

L'Eclair by Sarah Michelle - Isaphan Eclair Closeup

The Ispahan is a beautiful pinkish eclair with light lychee rose cream and fresh raspberries.

L'Eclair by Sarah Michelle - Chocolate Eclair 2

The Dark chocolate eclair uses a Mexique 66% dark chocolate cream coated with a cocoa glaze that is very rich in flavour. Chocoholics will love this as it is not too sweet and has a full luxurious taste to it. The cocoa streusel adds crunch to the overall texture.

L'Eclair by Sarah Michelle - Cross section of eclair

If you enjoy something less sweet and slightly savoury, you will love the Salty Caramel eclair. Topped with milk chocolate salted caramel glaze and caramelised popcorn, this is too sinful to behold.

L'Eclair by Sarah Michelle - Vanilla Eclair

The Vanilla & Pecans eclair is lighter on the palate. The puff is stuffed with vanilla cream and bits of vanilla beans while topped with chopped caramelised pecans. We enjoyed this as it is just the right amount of sweetness on the palate with a play of textures to it.

L'Eclair by Sarah Michelle - Dark choc & hazelnut tarlet, Raspberry Macaron, Passionfruit mousse & mixed berry pavlova

The top tier of the high tea set consists of the Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut Tartlet which reminds me of a rich chocolate-y ganache. This is followed by a chewy Raspberry Macaron, slightly sourish with a mingling tanginess on the tongue.

L'Eclair by Sarah Michelle - Savouries

The bottom tier is where all the savoury items are. The bite-size Roasted Mushroom vol au vent is flakey and just nice to pop into the mouth. We enjoy the Tomato & Basil Bruschetta with tangy and basil-driven tomatoes on it. A refreshing contrast to the sweet éclairs we had before this.

L'Eclair by Sarah Michelle - Eclair Selection

L’éclair indeed lives up to its name, serving eclairs of quality a notch higher than the generic ones out there. The puff pastry is baked perfectly, strong enough keep the fillings in without breaking apart. The combination of the slightly savoury puff together with the sweetness of the fillings and toppings ties in well together.

L’éclair is the place to go away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Surely the heart and soul put into making each eclair will melt your heart.

Expected Damage: $7.50 onwards

L’éclair: 190 Clemenceau Avenue, Singapore Shopping Centre, #01-28, Singapore 239924 | Tel: 6635 7909 | Opening Hours: Tue to Fri: 11am – 8pm, Sat: 11am – 9pm, Sun: 11am – 6pm, Closed on Mon| Website