Le Canelé d’Or: French Canele Specialist With A Singaporean Twist

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Originally from Hong Kong, Le Canelé d’Or is a confection that specialises in baking traditional Caneles. As caneles are not a common sight here in Singapore, lovers of French pastries would definitely rejoice when they come across this shop.

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Taking great pride in the quality of their caneles, they bake all of them in-house every morning instead of flying them in from the Hong Kong branch. Using customary baking techniques that mirror that of those in France, the ingredients for their caneles are meticulously picked out before being made from scratch.

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Decorated simply with plush leather and velvet seats, they have a few tables available for patrons who wish to dine-in instead of taking home the caneles. With such an intimate setting, their petite pastries can be enjoyed over cups of hot beverages.

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Grand size box of 6 pcs ($31)

I ordered an assorted box set of six grand size caneles, which were the largest ones available. A single canele is priced at $5.50 per piece.

Alternatively, if you find that these are too huge for starters or perhaps you prefer more crunch, go for their cocktail ($1.80 per piece) or medium sized caneles ($3.50 per piece) instead. As with the grand size, slight discounts are made if you order six and more pieces.

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Traditional Canele

At first glance, their caneles are authentic-looking with their crisp, caramelised exterior and fragrant smells. Their traditional canele is made from vanilla bean and infused with rum, as is the classic canele flavour.

If this is your first time sampling this French dessert, I suggest you go for the traditional canele as it is the safest choice.

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Pull apart the thick crust and you will find a soft centre reminiscent to that of the Kueh Ambon. The cylindrical shaped pastry was satisfying to say the least, particularly with the crunchy exterior that is full on caramel.

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Mediterranean Canele

One of my favourites was the Mediterranean canele. Made with orange zest mixed in with Grand Marnier, it had a citrusy essence that was super refreshing. The sourness also helped to balance out the sweetness of the pastry itself.

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The Mediterranean canele was distinctively soft and chewy on the inside. Candied orange peels up top provided a tangy sweet hint that enhanced the flavour even more.

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Ondeh Ondeh Canele

One of the new and exclusive flavours they have recently curated is the Ondeh Ondeh canele. Inspired by local flavours, it is freshly baked with pandan and gula melaka which I’m sure would be a popular pick among Singaporeans.

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With a spongy pandan filling, this canele was fragrantly similar to the typical pandan cake but with a more chewy interior. However, the gula melaka meringue on top was a tad bit too salty for my taste. Despite that, it was well-executed nonetheless.

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Irish Canele

This one’s for all you caffeine addicts out there. Combine coffee and whisky and there you have it, the Irish Canele is born.

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While I enjoyed the rich coffee taste, I would have to say that this was my least favourite pick as the alcohol wasn’t as strong as I’d hoped it to be. Perhaps they could bring out the flavour of the whisky even further. I liked the roasted coffee beans on top as I felt that it went nicely with the canele.

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Framboise Canele

Strongly recommended for those who love fruitier dessert options. The element of raspberry made for a more intense, tart flavouring which really shone through in comparison to the other caneles.

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The result of raspberry and raspberry brandy translated well into a smooth spongy texture that reminded me of a chiffon cake. The fresh raspberry on top served to give it that extra burst of juice as well.

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Shaped like agar jellies, these caneles were a toothsome delicacy. Each one had a rich and crisp shell made using tin-lined copper, giving it a perfectly moulded shape. The soft texture and slightly moist filling was also consistent throughout.

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Mariage Freres Tea, Marco Polo ($4.50)

What goes best with these sweet desserts? A cup of tea or coffee, of course. As recommended by the staff, I went with the Marco Polo, a black tea with a fruity and flowery infusion that helped to wash down the sugary taste of the caneles.

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While there are many French Pâtisseries out there, Caneles are a rarity here and I have never seen another Canele store that is so dedicated to their craft.

So, if you haven’t had the opportunity to sample one of these, be sure to head down to their outpost at The Concourse Skyline to enjoy this sweet treat during your tea time.

I know I’m definitely returning when my cravings for caneles arise or when they do happen to bring in more local flavours in the future.

Expected damage: $5.50 per piece – $31 a box

Le Canelé d’Or,302 Beach Road, The Concourse Skyline, #01-06, Singapore 199600  | Opening hours: Monday – Friday (8am – 6pm), Saturday (8am – 5pm) | Tel:6493 7324 | Facebook