Pretty Danish Butter Cookies From Leckerbaer’s 1st SG Outlet in Orchard

I’m sure many of us are familiar with Danish butter cookies—you know, those classic blue tins that many of our mothers re-use to store sewing supplies? Buttery, crumbly, and rich, these cookies are a nostalgic sweet treat.

But if you thought that was all Danish butter cookies are, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Meet Leckerbaer, famous Danish confectionery brand that’s all set on wow-ing Singaporeans with innovative twists on the traditional småkager (Danish butter cookies). Venturing abroad from Copenhagen and opening their first overseas outlet on 23 July 2020, you’ll soon get to savour these cookies at Isetan Scotts.

Leckerbaer Danish Butter Cookies Singapore 1

We got to sample some of these cookies and here’s what we think of them.

If you thought they looked different from the usual Danish butter cookies, that’s because founders Jakob and Gabi Mogensen are both pastry chefs with experience in the Scandinavian Michelin-star scene. Expect to see intricate details and premium ingredients coming together to deliver delicious buttery goodness straight into your mouth.

Leckerbaer Danish Butter Cookies Singapore 2

With eight småkager (S$2.80 each) available for now, you can look forward to seasonal cookies in the future too.

I particularly enjoyed the Raspberry, a simple enough treat with two buttery cookies sandwiching a generous dollop of raspberry jam, and topped with lines of icing.

The Lemon was another interesting one. Buttery cookie topped with white chocolate, and a dollop of lemon jam in the middle—tart, sweet, and buttery notes all tied into one delicious treat.

And for those with an incorrigible sweet tooth, Banana has just the right balance of sweet-sour notes from berry sugar and the sticky sweetness from salted caramel.

Leckerbaer Danish Butter Cookies Singapore Online 2
Credit – Leckerbaer Singapore

For those wondering what the fuss is over cookies, Leckerbaer isn’t just a cookie shop. Come 23 July 2020, this 36-seater patisserie will also offer a menu of tarts, cakes, and cookies, alongside savoury options.

Leckerbaer Danish Butter Cookies Singapore 3

And homebodies will have the option of simply ordering from home. You can get your småkager in customised selections of 8, 12, and 16 pieces in a box (S$22/8pcs, S$32/12pcs, S$40/16pcs).

If you’ve wondered why Danes and those in Nordic countries seem to be much happier with life, these traditional cookies might have something to do with it. After all, how can you be mad with buttery cookies melting in your mouth?

The #hyggelife is a huge part of it too—the notion of deriving contentment from simple, soul-warming activities. And yes, spending time with your loved ones with a tray of småkager and hot tea? Definitely #hyggelife material.

So, grab your cosy outfits and settle in for comfy tea breaks at Leckerbaer when it opens!

Dates & Times: 23 July 2020, 1pm

Prices: S$2.80 each (småkager) | Individual items on dine-in menu priced separately

Price: $

Our Rating: 4 / 5


30 Orchard Road, Shaw House, Isetan Scotts, Singapore 238868

Our Rating 4/5


30 Orchard Road, Shaw House, Isetan Scotts, Singapore 238868