Lek Kii Chicken Rice: RM6.80 chicken rice & crispy siew yoke with a spicy chilli sauce

If you’ve been following my chicken rice pursuits, you’d probably think I’m off my rocker. I started off with Sunway’s reputable Garlic Roast Chicken Rice Shop before moving on to Taman Indah’s Canton-Z Chicken Rice. Today I found myself on the road again. Where to now, you ask? This time to stuff myself silly at Lek Kii Chicken Rice, another famed chicken rice restaurant located all the way in Semenyih. 

Lek Kii - exterior restaurant

Yes, that meant an hour’s drive but hey, I’m willing to do a lot of things for the pleasure of amazing chicken rice. It’s hard to miss Lek Kii Chicken Rice with its bright yellow signage. 

Located in a housing neighbourhood, if you didn’t have the luck (like me) to park right in front of the restaurant, you can always park in the field next to it. 

Lek Kii - interior

The menu is pretty straightforward. Pick between their chicken rice, char siew and siu yoke, or a mix of all three. Oh and not to forget a drink. The staff happily suggested a glass of refreshing chrysanthemum, so I went for it. 

What I tried at Lek Kii Chicken Rice

Lek Kii - chicken rice

I ordered my usual: a one person roast chicken, char siew, siu yoke, rice and soup (RM13)

First impression? I couldn’t see the roast chicken because it was covered by the char siew and siew yoke. Hidden underneath it all, was your basic cucumber slices. I spooned out the chicken and took a bite. 

Lek Kii - chilli sauce

The chicken was tender. It didn’t exactly blow my mind but it was tasty enough. The rice, on the other hand, was really good— greasy and fragrant. I could have easily eaten spoonfuls of it alone. And on each table was a whole bottle of chicken rice chilli sauce. I could see that the chilli sauce was definitely homemade— it wasn’t liquidy, and instead, you could see the pureed fresh chilli consistency.

Lek Kii - roast chicken

I’m usually not a fan of the chilli sauce but this was absolutely delicious. It was the perfect combination of spicy and tangy, with a fresh kick from the lime, making it an excellent complement to the roast chicken. I’m unashamed to admit I had three bowls of the chilli sauce— that was how good it was. I understood why each table had a whole bottle of it— it really amped up the flavours. In fact, if Lek Kii Chicken Rice sold bottles of their chilli sauce, I’d definitely buy a few!

Lek Kii - roast pork

Next was the siew yoke. One thing I loved about Lek Kii, is that they included a couple of pieces of just the delicious crispy crackly skin in there. It was like a treat on its own. The meat was very tender and it worked well with the char siew sauce it was placed in. It wasn’t overly salty either and paired so well with the chilli sauce and the rice. 

And for the final taste test, the char siew. I recently had the fortune of stumbling upon excellent melt-in-the-mouth char siew, so Lek Kii has a pretty high bar to beat. Alas, despite how tasty the char siew was and how it had a very balanced sweet sauce, it just didn’t have that melt-in-the-mouth feel. But hey, I didn’t have any issues polishing up the plate.

Final thoughts

Restaurant - chicken rice

As I sipped on my iced cold chrysanthemum and watched the lunch crowd pile in at 11.30am, I understood Lek Kii’s popularity among customers. It’s affordable, tasty and you’ll definitely get your chicken rice cravings fulfilled. 

However, unless I was in the vicinity— I doubt I would come back to Lek Kii. Yes, their chicken rice is good, but I’d found a better chicken rice restaurant much closer to home. 

I must mention, I had a tiny regret. I did not realise they sold roasted duck till a customer came in and ordered a whole duck. And I grew up on roasted duck back in Penang— it was my all-time favourite meal. Maybe this could be another solid reason to come back to Lek Kii Chicken Rice after all. Just maybe. 

Expected damage: RM7 – RM13 per pax

霸婆手工面: Homely handmade noodles & delicious multi-coloured mee hoon kuay hidden in Jalan Besar

Price: $

Our Rating: 4 / 5

Lek Kii Chicken Rice

11, Jalan Kasturi, Taman Paling Jaya, 43500 Semenyih, Selangor,

Our Rating 4/5

Lek Kii Chicken Rice

11, Jalan Kasturi, Taman Paling Jaya, 43500 Semenyih, Selangor,

Operating Hours: 10am - 3pm (Daily)

Operating Hours: 10am - 3pm (Daily)