50 years, 2 flavours, 1 island: Sentosa & Udders collaborate for island’s Golden Jubilee

Sentosa holds a special place in the hearts of every Singaporean— we all recall the thrill of anticipation as we counted down the days to a trip there. I am old enough to remember a time when there was no road linking the island to the mainland, and we got to enjoy the thrill of a cable car or ferry ride. Still, I was surprised to discover that 2022 marks Sentosa’s Golden Jubilee! Udders, our homegrown ice cream specialists extraordinaire, has teamed up with the Sentosa Development Corporation (SDC) to create two flavours to celebrate the 50-year anniversary of neverending discovery: Mango Siloso and Coco Palawan.

udders - ice cream cups stacked

udders - mango ice cream being scooped up

Mango Siloso is a scrumptious concoction of mango and pomelo. The creamy mango base is infused with sweet bursts of pomelo pulp for an energising dose of sweetness.

sentosa - scooping up coconut ice cream

Coco Palawan brings together the freshness of coconut, the tang of pineapple and zesty lime for a lip-puckering citrus blast.

Why this combination? It’s a return to Sentosa’s roots, literally! All the fruits in these two special creations by Udders were found growing naturally on Sentosa island. In a sense, the Udders ice cream flavours are a celebration of the island’s natural heritage.

sentosa - ice cream cups in the sand

Both new flavours are Halal, all-natural, and free of preservatives, gluten, egg, soy and nuts. Mango Siloso is vegetarian while Coco Palawan goes a step further and is certified vegan.

Ice cream that loves the planet

While Sentosa’s Golden Jubilee is undeniably an occasion to look back at the past, SDC is also using it as a platform to envision a brighter future for the planet. In line with SDC’s commitment to climate action advocacy and building a sustainable future, the island plans to be a net zero carbon emitter by 2030.

That philosophy of responsible business strategy is one that resonates at the Udders headquarters as well. Thanks to their commitment to green entrepreneurship, every cup of Mango Siloso and Coco Palawan you hold in your hands is completely carbon neutral.

Food Pairings

Sentosa is as much about food as it is about thrilling activities. I remember being absolutely famished when I was finally dragged kicking and screaming out of the water here as a kid. And after hours in the sweltering Singapore heat, few things are more welcome than the stinging cold of a frozen treat.

With our icebox brimming with cups of Udders Mango Siloso and Coco Palawan, we wondered if they would pair well with the fare on the island. Why not make a game of it, we thought, by pairing the two new flavours with popular Sentosa dishes to see which matched the dish better.

Closest to our entry point was Good Old Days Food Court, a very apt name considering the occasion.

Lamb Chops at Good Old Days Food Court

udders - lamb chops with ice cream

Good Old Days recommended their lamb chops for the pairing taste test. The dish of three lamb chops was served with a generous helping of salad and golden-brown wedges. I found the gravy very yummy and the dressing was good enough to make me eat my greens. Note, the wedges here are really good!

sentosa - ice cream next to lamb chops

Our taste test fizzled here because one ice cream flavour was absolutely perfect with the lamb while the other was just so-so. It was the sizzle of citrus from the pineapple and lime highlights in Coco Palawan that was the ideal companion to the savoury lamb and gravy.

Winner: Coco Palawan by Udders

Chicken Satay at Rumours Beach Club

udders - picnic mat with satays and ice cream cups

Enough of buildings, we thought— we’re on Sentosa! Just a short walk from Good Old Days is a line of open-air clubs along Siloso Beach. Hey, would a location that bore its name help Mango Siloso even the score? We decided to find out at Rumours Beach Club.

Though tempted by the comfortable seating by the infinity pool, we headed for the beanbags on the assorted dunes of the beach. ‘Assorted dunes’, by the way, is an anagram of ‘Sentosa Udders’. Pointless information, maybe, but oh-so-cool to discover!

sentosa - satays

The chicken satay here is to die for. Their unique twist on the traditional dish is to include a creamy smooth peanut sauce rather than the standard chunky one you get everywhere else. Every skewer was perfectly done and we loved every last morsel.

udders - satay on beach

The amazing satay also went better with the Coco Palawan than the Mango Siloso. Coco Palawan was on its way to a clean sweep. Would Mango Siloso be able to gain a last-minute reprieve? The answer lies at Sabio by the Sea at Quayside Isle.

Winner: Coco Palawan by Udders

Vegan fish fingers at Sabio by the Sea

udders - fish fingers

We arrived at Sabio by the Sea just as the sky was beginning to darken. They are impeccably located at Quayside Isle, just opposite the rows upon rows of docked vessels, which make for a gorgeous vista. Even sitting calmly in the serene water, the sleek, pointed hulls of the superyachts seem like they are surging through the foam and spray. Of the three places we visited, this was the most idyllic and urbane.

Sabio by the Sea recommended their Vegan Fish Fingers for our experiment.

Considering myself a pretty authentic foodie, I was rocked by how faithful the vegan fish fingers were to the real thing. The accurately-recreated taste and flavour aside, even the texture was as authentic as I could ever imagine it being. The way that the soft, white ‘flesh’ inside broke when bent was different from how the crispy ‘skin’ did, just as it is with real fish fingers.

udders - fish fingers on fork

Think you can tell the difference? I strongly recommend a trip to Sabio by the Sea to perform your own taste and texture test. When we had stopped hyperventilating about the food, we realised that Mango Siloso had clawed itself onto the scoreboard. The sweetness of the mango and pomelo was the winner!

Winner: Mango Siloso by Udders

I’ll be back

Naturally, we had barely scraped the surface of the amazing variety of food available at Sentosa. ‘Somehow’ all the ice cream had disappeared, though, so we could not continue our pairings research.

udders - ice cream cups

Driving away from Sentosa, I was overcome with this deep feeling of nostalgia. The falling dusk outside and our car full of laughter and chatter discussing the day’s activities reminded me of countless trips from years and years ago.

Sentosa’s Golden Jubilee was an opportunity to experience it again as an adult and the experience was wonderful. Perhaps it’s time for you to relive your memories, too.

To get your hands on these lip-smacking Golden Jubilee edition ice cream flavours, head over to select Sentosa retailers and Cheers outlets, all Udders stores, and selected online retailers.

* This post was brought to you in partnership with Sentosa Development Corporation.

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