Little House of Dreams: Singapore bespoke bakery & cafe review

Where sweet dreams becomes reality.

Little House of Dreams exterior

Situated within the the old world charm and lush greenery of Dempsey Hill, Little House of Dreams is a local set-up and homegrown bakery specialising in customised cakes and cookies. Little House of Dreams is part of Dreams Establishment Pte Ltd, a retail and lifestyle company based in Singapore.

Originating as a company with bespoke dessert tables as their specialty, Little House of Dreams is now building up its portfolio for their line-up of savoury dishes available at this two-month old cafe.

Little House of Dreams interior

Very much a family-friendly concept which the cafe adopts, the layout of its interior consists of kids-friendly stools and low tables as well as flooring of a synthetic grass patch for children to have fun.

Pink is the main thematic colour for the cafe, conveying sweetness. A concept very much associated with the service goal that Little House of Dreams aims to meet, for its target audience.

Little House of Dreams exterior2

The alfresco dining area features wicker outdoor furniture, including swing chairs. If you prefer, there’s of course an indoor dining concept where you can lounge in.

Pearl Couscous-2

Pearl Couscous ($12.90)

Shipped from Israel, the pearl couscous here are similar to regular couscous but beautifully tri-coloured. Served with lemon juice, cucumber and evoo emulsion, the dish gives off a citrus burst of flavour at random bites. At the same time, the olives and tomatoes provide a good balance of sweet and slight tinge of bitter.

Being a type of wheat that is very light yet filling, I’d recommend this dish to anyone looking for a healthier option as it is easier on the waistline, low in carbohydrates but yet gives an equivalent degree of fullness.

Classic Beef Lasagna-3

Classic Beef Lasagna ($14.90)

Made from premium grain-fed beef, the lagsana at Little House of Dreams is also termed “thin sheet lagsana” well, simply because it is made up of thin layers of fresh pasta that is handmade in-house.

The result is a stellar lasagna, the pasta layers were thin, smooth and gooey at the same time, making it an awesome blend of both texture and taste with the bolognese beef bits. The serving of beef bits were generous, and I could taste the taut texture of grain-fed beef.

The lasagna is also served with cream as a base accompaniment. The entire dish is one that is very rich in content and flavour. Very good concoction of the lasagna dish.

Aglio Olio3

Aglio Olio ($12.90)

Served with miniature wild mushrooms that have a slight tinge of sour, along with thin spaghetti noodle, the aglio olio here isn’t too oily nor too dry. The spaghetti noodle was of a crisp texture upon bite. With just a slight sprinkle of black pepper, the entire dish is fresh and flavourful.

The Samurai's Favorite-2

The Samurai Favorite ($13.90)

This dish is literally chicken teriyaki burger with fries, served with shredded brinjals with almonds as a side salad. Surprisingly, the teriyaki sauce is very thin, but is flavourful. I love it this way in that the sauce is not too excess in serving, and does not “drown” the meat.

Another highlight of this dish is the crispy texture of the two pieces of bread buns that make up the Samurai burger. Paired with the chicken that is well-cooked, tender and bouncy, the entire burger is very palatable upon every chew.

Chocolate Salted Caramel Cake

Dark Chocolate and Salted Caramel Cake ($7.90 per slice)

I must mention that the combination of the dark chocolate cake with salted caramel cream and frosting had struck a unique flavour, which is at the same time, a good balance of tastes. The dark chocolate cake is a flavour that is not too sweet, which is something I’d prefer over most cakes which taste really sweet with cream.

This cake consists of cream made from salted caramel, and the frosting gives a wonderful added flavour to the main layers of the slice of cake. The cream was an equilibrium of savoury saltiness with sweet tinge of caramel, and was an awesome companion with the not-too-sweet dark chocolate cake.

Sticky Date Pudding

Sticky Date Pudding ($10.90)

Served warm with lashings of homemade butterscotch sauce, I felt that the sticky date pudding at Little House of Dreams is a good choice dessert item. It isn’t too sweet, which is what I really love about this piece of savoury treat.

This dish is made taut with the ingredients held well together, yet the pudding wasn’t too hard at all upon bite. The thought of eating dates in a dessert does reduce a bit of my guilty conscience feeding myself with mouthfuls of cakes and desserts, and I am really glad that Little House of Dreams has a wide selection of interesting flavours for their cakes and desserts.

On the whole, I very much love the concept that Little House of Dreams has in store. From my dining experience here, the current line-up of savoury dishes in building up their cafe portfolio seems really good so far. I felt that each of their dishes portrayed a unique recipe, which I feel will bring Little House of Dreams far in establishing its identity amongst other cafes.

I look forward to more developments and offerings by this franchise, which offers a wholesome coverage of party needs as well as savoury treats. Do look forward to the new breakfast Menu which Little House of Dreams will be offering this coming March 2016.

Try planning ahead to hold your family or social gathering at this sweet, cosy cafe located in within the precincts of delightful nature breeze and lush greenery. Little House of Dreams is ideal for those seeking for a good respite from the humdrum of their daily routines.

Expected Damage: $$30 – $40 per pax.

Little House of Dreams: Blk 8 Dempsey Rd, #01-14, Singapore 247696 | Tel: +65 6222 2972 | Website