Löwe’f: Salted Beef Brisket & Delicious Pastries At This Hidden Cafe Near Bras Basah

Lowe'f 1

Take a stroll down Queen Street and you will come across a small establishment named Löwe’f. Pronounced as “loaf“, Löwe’f is opened by Don Lowe, but why did he add the “f” in the cafe’s name? He and his wife are passionate about baking, he decided to add an “f” at the end of “Lowe”, which changes the pronunciation to “loaf“.

Due to its inconspicuous shopfront, it’s easy to miss this cafe. In fact, I actually walked passed it several times before I finally spotted it.

Lowe'f 2

Though Löwe’f looked small from the outside, it is surprisingly spacious. With a mix between counter-top and table-top seating, this cafe caters to both types of customers: those who are looking for a quick meal, and those who want to relax and enjoy their meal.

Lowe'f 6

The open kitchen concept made Löwe’f look even more spacious. I’m a fan of the open kitchen concept, as I love observing how the food is prepared.

Lowe'f 14

We started with the Cocoa No.2 ($6.50/hot, $7/iced). There are two types of cocoa to choose from; Cocoa No.1 ($6.50/hot, $7/iced) which has a stronger and bolder taste, and Cocoa No.2, which is smoother and richer.

Cocoa No.2 came with meringue crumbles which melted as I stirred the drink. Taking a sip, I was blown away by the richness of the cocoa. It had a thick and creamy consistency with an initial bitter note. As the bitterness evened out, the sweetness slowly took over.

Lowe'f 9

We tired the Mushroom Forest Soup ($6.50/small, $8.50/large) but when we saw it, we wondered where the soup was.

Ahh, the mushroom soup was buried under a layer of bread crumbs, topped with shitake mushrooms, white and brown button mushrooms, and shimeji mushrooms.

Lowe'f 11

The soup was slightly watery, with a mix of peppers and herbs teasing my taste buds, while the breadcrumbs added a whole lot of texture.

I prefer mushroom soups to be smooth and creamy, but for those who prefer some crunch in their soup, this will suit you.

Lowe'f 15

The Chicken Salad ($9.50) was a dish that we really enjoyed. This hearty salad was served with mesclun, sous-vide chicken breast, house-made mayonnaise, and breadcrumbs.

Lowe'f 16

We loved the texture of the sous-vide chicken breast, and we were pleasantly surprised when we bit into it. Chicken breast meat tends to be drier, but this chunk of meat was tender, springy and juicy, with a hint of herbs.

The house-made mayonnaise was also very light and slightly tangy, which paired really well with the salad.

Lowe'f 18

Rise and shine! This is the Good Morning Burger ($7.50), which contains scrambled eggs, orange cheddar, pickled shallots, and coffee mayonnaise. Yes, I was surprised too when I heard the chef saying there’s coffee mayonnaise in it.

You should have noticed by now that Löwe’f uses mainly eco-friendly cardboard boxes and wooden cutlery. The rationale behind this is to save time by focusing on preparing the food instead of washing the dishes, and also to go green.

Lowe'f 19

We enjoyed the mix of flavours in the burger, from savoury cheddar cheese, fluffy scrambled egg and the sweet pickled shallots.

Sadly, we felt the coffee mayonnaise didn’t go well with the other flavours. Its bitterness was a bit too intrusive, disrupting the flavours of the scrambled egg and the aromatic bun.

Lowe'f 21

If you’re a meat lover like me, then the Salted Beef Brisket ($16) will satisfy your carnivorous appetite. The slow-cooked beef brisket is brined for five days to enhance the flavour of the meat.

Lowe'f 22

Surprisingly, the beef brisket had a texture that’s more like pulled pork, and it was tender and juicy. The sourness of the Dijon mustard went very well with the saltiness of the beef.

Lowe'f 26

I am a huge fan of chocolate desserts, and I’m really particular when it comes to chocolates. The Dark Chocolate Tart ($5.50) actually managed to thoroughly satisfy my cravings.

Lowe'f 27

We liked how there was a generous portion of dark chocolate. Just look at how thick the layer was! The tart was really dense, with a rich bitter-sweet flavour, and the crusty pastry added a satisfying crunch.

Lowe'f 29

The Super Lemon Tart ($5.50) will surely suit your palate if you’re looking for something a little more refreshing.

Lowe'f 30

Unlike the Dark Chocolate Tart, the Super Lemon Tart‘s pastry was crumbly and resembled the pastry layer from traditional egg tarts.

The lemon filling was creamy and was a little too sour for me, it kicked in as soon as I placed a piece into my mouth, followed by a sweet finish which crept in slowly.

I love exploring new cafes, which is why I’m glad to have found Löwe’f. A taste of their food will convince you that they definitely prioritise quality.

From start to end, I was amazed by how meticulous they were in preparing the food. I’ll definitely come back to visit!

Expected Damage: $7.50 – $28 per pax

Löwe’f: 1 Queen Street, Singapore 188534 | Tel: +65 8767 4859 | Opening Hours: 8am – 6pm (Mon – Fri), 8:30am – 6pm (Sat), Closed on Sun | Facebook