Lucky Bar: Munch On Unique Bar Bites At This Aesthetically-Pleasing Cocktail Bar On Holland Ave

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We know things can get a little boring if you always hit up the same old bars. If you’re feeling lucky, why not spice up your night with a special something at Lucky Bar, located along Holland Avenue on the second level of the Full of Luck Club.

You’ll definitely need a little luck trying to find it, but hey, that’s all part of the fun!

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We were pretty blown away by the aesthetics of this cosy cocktail bar. After a quick glance around, I’m sure you’ll get what we mean – this place isn’t your typical loud and stuffy bar.

At Lucky Bar, you’ll be anything but bored. From the quirky signs to the insta-worthy lighting and full display of liquors, it’ll be a feast for the eyes as you indulge in this visual kaleidoscope.

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If that’s not enough to entice you for a visit, prepare to be swayed by the charming bartender who’s always ready to whip up something to suit your taste buds. From what we tasted, he’s definitely got a way with those cocktails.

Not quite sure what you’d like to have?

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Why not start the night off with something light and refreshing? A popular choice amongst the ladies is The Jubilee ($22), an invigorating drink that will ignite your senses with its floral scent and tartness.

The combination of the in-house white wine syrup and the shiso umeshu was a match made in heaven. The unique blend of flavours in this cocktail is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Lucky Bar 13

Perhaps you’d like to take things up a notch with something fancier and more intense. Watch the show-stopping Dragon’s Breath ($20) kindle with flames and take on the smokey flavours that will penetrate every sip you take.

This modern rendition of the traditional goji and wintermelon concoction will leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. While I’m not a huge fan of whisky anything, this is one drink that I can’t help but rave about.

Lucky Bar 06

Ready yourself for a cocktail adventure by keeping up your streak with the Geisha Lover ($22). The mysterious blend of spices infused into this red wine and grape liquor cocktail was surprisingly pleasant on the palate. You would probably never have guessed that egg whites and nutmeg could work so well in your alcoholic beverage.

And of course, what good are drinks without bar bites to go with them? Lucky Bar has some pretty impressive snacks that were an absolute delight.

Lucky Bar 12

Have a taste of the latest addition to the menu, the Flowers of Life ($7.50). They really weren’t kidding about the flowers as we were served medicinal cordycep flowers that have been fried to a golden brown and topped with pork floss.

Lucky Bar 11

You don’t have to worry about greasiness or any overbearing flavours in this dish that might clash with your drinks. We were loving this light and crunchy snack!

Lucky Bar 10

The bar serves up some good ol’ roast options too. You’re going to love the Honey Glazed Char Siew ($7.50) at Lucky Bar.

Lucky Bar 09

Sink your teeth into the sweet caramelised outer layer of the char siew and listen to it crackle. Savour the succulent tender meat that was truly cooked to perfection, before you realise that one plate just isn’t going to be enough. 

Lucky Bar 08

You should also give the signature One Ton Nachos ($12) made with fried wanton skins a try. One ton and wanton… we see what they did there.

Replacing the classic nachos with fried wanton skins, this is one dish where you’ll get your tropical flavours packed with a punch. The juicy and sweet pineapple provided a refreshing lift to the palate when paired with the savoury Chinese-style bbq pulled pork, cheese and sour cream.

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Besides yummy cocktails and snacks, this hipster bar has plenty of photo opportunities. 

Head out to the open-air rooftop seating area, where you’ll be glad to find this picturesque cosy corner. Just check out those dreamy fairy lights and draping vines along the warmly lit wall!

Lucky Bar 05

Take in the cool evening breeze as you chill out with a drink in hand and soak in the alfresco vibes.

Lucky Bar 04

Lucky Bar is indeed a bar like no other. It’s got some serious game in terms of cocktails and bar bites and we were very happy to while a whole evening away there. If you’re looking for a different (and more aesthetically-pleasing) drinking experience, this might be the right place for you.

Yet another reason to visit: Lucky Bar brings in guest bartenders from all over the world fortnightly to bring you a new mix of cocktails. Now that’s what we like to hear! 

Expected damage: $28 – $50 per person

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Lucky Bar: 243 Holland Ave, Singapore 278977 | Tel: +65 6208 6845 | Opening Hours: (Tues to Thurs) 6pm – 12am, (Fri to Sun) 6pm – 1am, Closed on Mondays | Facebook