Relish in a lobster feast at home with Luke’s Lobster’s ready-to-eat packs

Fans of Luke’s Lobster listen up! Sick and tired of queuing for your favourite lobster roll? Then you are in for a treat. Introducing Luke’s Lobster’s flash-frozen & ready-to-eat packs

In a bid to bring the coveted Luke’s Lobster experience close to home, the brand has partnered with CaerusHolding to present fans with an array of consumer packaged goods that can be easily prepared in the comfort of your home.

A picture of Lobster Meat with Seasoning
Credit – Luke’s Lobster

Get creative as you explore and experiment on your very own rendition of Luke’s Lobster with the Lobster Meat with Seasoning (S$42). Flash-frozen to ensure its freshness, each box comes with two packets of lobster claw and knuckle meat alongside sachets of secret seasoning that are convenient to prepare and yummilicious at the same time. 

A table with a plate of Lobster Tail with Seasoning
Credit – Luke’s Lobster

Prefer to savour your lobster whole? Then opt for the Lobster Tail with Seasoning (S$36). Consisting of two half-shelled tails, these delectable and juicy treats are poached with Luke’s Lobster’s special Tessa Mae’s lemon-garlic marinade—the perfect seasoning for stovetop sizzling and grilling.

A bowl of lobster bisque
Credit – Luke’s Lobster

On a cold, rainy day, warm yourself with a comforting bowl of Lobster Bisque (S$17). Expect velvety slurps of thick puree prepared using a mixture of lobsters, potatoes, and onions, before being finished with chunks of lobster knuckle and claw meat. Relish the soup on its own or prepare toasted garlic bread for a satisfying meal!

A ceramic bowl filled with Lobster Mac & Cheese
Credit – Luke’s Lobster

For an off-the-menu item, check out the retail-exclusive Lobster Mac & Cheese (S$31), a Maine household speciality of pasta shells with generous chunks of lobsters that come smothered in a creamy blend of mascarpone and cheddar. Each box also comes with a sachet of garlic-herb breadcrumbs that will be ready to eat after a few minutes in the microwave. 

Every sealed pack of Luke’s Lobster’s flash-frozen & ready-to-eat packs features hand-picked seafood that is caught from the wild waters of Maine. Before being flash-frozen, each lobster undergoes strict preparation procedures to retain the integrity of flavours and textures.

Tempted to have a lobster feast at home? Then wait no longer and head to your nearest FairPrice Finest. All four ready-to-eat packs are now available for retail island-wide with the exception of Funan Mall, 111 Somerset, and Changi City Point. So hurry and grab them right now!

Date and Time: Now available at all FairPrice Finest island-wide with the exception of Funan Mall, 111 Somerset and Changi City Point

Prices: From S$17 onwards

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