Malaysian stunned after being charged RM10 for measly portion of economy rice

For the past few weeks, the rising prices of food (from the shocking price hike of oil, vegetables to roti canai) have made headlines. But as Malaysians, if there’s one thing we can count on is the trusty, affordable economy rice. However recently, a Malaysian netizen took to the XiaoHongShu app about his economy rice— a measly portion of rice, meat and veggies that came with a ridiculously high price tag of RM10.

XiaoHongShu - Economy rice

He posted a picture of his economy rice that looked like tiny chunks of meat, broccoli, tofu and rice. In the post, the netizen also shared how shocked he was when he heard the price from the seller.

“Never have I eaten such expensive mixed rice before,” he wrote. “They charged me RM10 for these little bits of vegetables and meat. I was so shocked, I thought I misheard when I was paying.” He added that he wouldn’t be returning to the economy rice shop ever again.

His post has since gone viral with many netizens expressing their disbelief over the price.

XiaoHongShu - comment

One wrote, “WTF it’s so expensive”, to which the netizen replied: “No next time”.

What do you think? Do you think RM10 is justified for such a portion?

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