Malaysian man forks out RM117 only to get an empty Black Thorn durian

Unfamiliar with the familiar with the hype around the black thorn durian? This species of durian is actually a hybrid which originates from Penang. In addition, this species is one of the most expensive durians in Malaysia. Plus, there are only limited places that sell this hybrid. Hoping to get a taste of the sweet creamy flesh, a Malaysian man purchased a black thorn durian for RM117.

black thorn durian - durian on weighing scale

Recording the opening of the durian on camera, the video showed the opening of the durian to yield absolutely nothing inside. The video ended with the man who was opening the durian flashing a thumbs up to the camera, sarcastically saying “good”.

According to his social post, the the black thorn durian that weighed 1.8kg. Black thorn durians are currently retailing for about RM100 to RM120 per kg.

black thorn durian - seedless

Netizens commented on the post that the man was extremely lucky to even be able to purchase such an expensive fruit, while others expressed that he should have opened the durian at the stall for inspection before taking it with him.

What would you do if you were in his shoes?

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