McDonald’s Japan Brings Back Bacon Potato PieSen From The ’90s Now Available For A Limited Time

Mcdonald's Bacon Potato Piesen Japan Online 1

McDonald’s sure enjoys teasing us with the disappearing act of a few of our favourite limited edition menu items, only to have them appear several months or years later.

Mcdonald's Bacon Potato Piesen Japan Online 2

No different from other exclusive items, McDonald’s Bacon Potato PieSen is now making yet another comeback to Japan. This pie is sure making a nostalgic comeback for many, having first released in 1990 and subsequently being removed, even though many loved it.

We suppose that goes the same for all of the cult hits McDonald’s has created. Cue our beloved McGriddles.  

Mcdonald's Bacon Potato Piesen Japan Online 3

Quite different from the rest of McDonald’s sweet dessert pies, the Bacon Potato PieSen makes a good savoury snack. It appears that you’ll get the same crispy and flaky crust as with other McDonald’s pies, but contains an irresistible creamy base, chunks of potato, smokey bacon and bits of onion.

It is quite a pity we probably won’t be getting this comforting pie on our shores anytime soon, but let’s hope PieSen gets noticed by our friends in Japan soon — we hear it’ll disappear again mid-May.

Dates & Times: Now available at all McDonald’s Japan outlets for a limited time

Price: JPY150