McDonald’s at Canberra: Could this interior be the future of fast-food?

It would be a crime to give an introduction to McDonald’s because it simply doesn’t need one. Few brands even come close to the level of success this fast-food brand has attained on a global level if any at all. But I’m not here to fawn over the institution that is McDonald’s, lest that’s what you’re lead to believe. Instead, I’m here at Canberra Plaza, at the behest of my editor who pointed out that, unlike other outlets, the decor at this new flagship seems a little, well, different.

It’s not an observation you’d make if you’re buying lunch to go. Rather it’s the sort of reckoning that comes with a coke in hand, fries piping hot fresh off the fryer. It starts with a brief descend down the escalator of Canberra MRT, where the iconic yellow arches immediately catch my eye.

interior shot of mcdonalds canberra plaza 1

exterior shot of mcdonalds canberra plaza
Yellow arches

Bigger is better

Occupying four units on the ground floor, McDonald’s Canberra is now one of Singapore’s largest. The strategy? To have one McDonald’s flagship location in each region of the country.  There’s the Marine Cove outlet along East Coast, another situated in West Coast Park and now the Canberra outlet for north Singapore’s flagship store. 

interior shot of mcdonalds canberra plaza 2

furniture at mcdonalds canberra plaza
Postmodern furniture choice

Bathed in a light mocha, the furnishings are kept decidedly minimalistic with curved benches and smooth wooden tabletops all illuminated against the warmth of yellow light.

There’s a feeling of spaciousness you don’t quite get in other McDonald’s spaces. Booths are scattered along the fringes, some against floor-to-ceiling glass windows. That would be my personal pick because there’s nothing better than a Big Breakfast paired with a killer view. 

Art, art, art everywhere

My walkabout at McDonald’s Canberra Plaza only further intrigues with its choice of decor. Colourful plaques line up on the wall here. It’s difficult to miss, but to the untrained eye, one might pass it off as nothing more than a burst of colour on the restaurant’s white tiles. Look closely:

cheeseburger at mcdonalds canberra plaza
Deconstructed Cheeseburger

Do you see it? A bun on each end with a patty and a square slice of cheese in between. McDonald’s aficionados would know by now; we’re talking about the classic Cheeseburger. It’s a thoroughly playful touch that drums up the visual aspect, all coming under the design team’s direction of ‘Essential Ingredients’ in putting together this Canberra outfit.

Have a go at this one; it’s a little more complicated:

big mac at mcdonalds canberra plaza
Deconstructed Big Mac

A three-bun behemoth of a concoction can only mean one thing—the Big Mac. It spans bolds across the wall, decked out in all its many fixings of lettuce and cheese. Just looking at it conjures cravings for the burger myself. 

salt and pepper stools at mcdonalds canberra plaza
Salt and pepper inspired stools

Straying away from the bread side of things, stools are flecked with streaks of black and white. If you think that’s simply a contrasting colour choice, try again. It follows the theme of salt and pepper, though this one doesn’t rest atop your scrambled egg as much as you rest on it. 

The attention to detail at McDonald’s Canberra Plaza is commendable. Taking such steps in the design segment of their physical stores indeed speaks volumes of the creativity and brains behind the operation of this fast-food giant.

I’d want to take my pictures and go, but the glutton in me demands a platter of Hotcakes. And listen to my tummy, I shall. After all, this is a space for unadulterated, worry-free indulgence.

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McDonald's (Canberra)

133 Canberra View, Canberra Plaza, #01-01/02/03/28, Singapore 750133


McDonald's (Canberra)

133 Canberra View, Canberra Plaza, #01-01/02/03/28, Singapore 750133

Operating Hours: 7am - 12am (Daily)

Operating Hours: 7am - 12am (Daily)
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