McDonald’s SG Brings Back the Best of 80s With Hot Wheels & Barbie Happy Meal® Toys Till 5 Aug

Mcdonalds Happy Meal Online4

CreditHands up if you have fond memories of enjoying a Happy Meal® and racing your Hot Wheels car, or pretending to have tea with your Barbie dolls as a child?

I know I have, and it certainly brought me fuzzy feelings of nostalgia when I read that McDonald’s Singapore is introducing a limited-edition collection of Hot Wheels and Barbie toys to their Happy Meal® (from S$5.20) line-up!

Mcdonalds Happy Meal Online3

Available now till 5 August 2020, you’ll be tempted to order yourself a Happy Meal® even if you aren’t a kid, and of course, if you have children, there’s no better time to introduce them to these classic ’80s toys.

I remember stealing my cousin’s Hot Wheels cars and zooming them around the floor, pretending to pick up Barbie and her friends to go shopping—what innocent times!

Mcdonalds Happy Meal Online2

Every week, a different Hot Wheels car and Barbie figurine will be released, so keep your eyes peeled for the figurine or Hot Wheel toy you’re eyeing!

I, for one, am lured in by Racer Car Barbie. Which one will you be setting your sights on?

Dates & Times: From now till 5 August 2020 | Available at all McDonald’s Singapore outlets

Price: From S$5.20 per Happy Meal®

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