McDonald’s New Hershey’s McFlurry & Ice Cream Now At All Dessert Kiosks Islandwide

McDonald’s has recently released a range of Hershey’s Chocolatey Hot Fudge cones, Sundae and McFlurry. I once thought nothing could be better than the original McFlurry, but well, this new edition proved me wrong.

Mcdonald Hershey 4

If you have yet to taste McDonald’s Hershey’s chocolatey desserts, you have to try it before it’s off the menu. We were pleasantly surprised at how rich and thick the chocolate was, and it’s not just topped with some regular chocolate syrup.

The Chocolatey McFlurry (S$3.20) was my favourite, because Oreo always makes ice cream better. The richness of the Hershey’s chocolate ice cream together with the Oreo bites wasn’t too overwhelming and complemented each other well.

Mcdonald Hershey 1

If you aren’t totally a chocolate lover and need that little bit of vanilla, you can get the Twist Cone (S$1.40). The swirl strikes a perfect balance between vanilla and chocolate, so I’m sure the kids would love this one for sure.

This would be the perfect chocolate fix on a hot day or an after-dinner dessert. It’s available at all McDonald’s Dessert Kiosks so head over and get your Hershey’s Chocolatey desserts today!

Dates & Times: Now available at McDonald’s dessert kiosks

Prices: S$1.40 – S$3.20 per pax