New Limited Edition Hokkaido Salmon Burger From McDonald’s Swimming Your Way From 3 May

Following the previous Nasi Lemak and Ebi Burgers, the time has finally come for salmon to shine.

Boasting an all-new Japanese cuisine-inspired menu this 3 May 2018, McDonald’s is prepared to bring a taste of Hokkaido all the way to us here at Sunny Singapore!

Credits – McDonald’s Singapore

To mark the 150th anniversary of the naming of Hokkaido City, the star of the show will be the Hokkaido Salmon Burger ($7.70 with an Extra Value Meal) packed with a breaded salmon patty, shredded cabbage and roasted sesame mayonnaise.

If you’re seeking twice the salmon goodness, there’s, of course, the Double Salmon Burger option as well ($9.70 with an Extra Value Meal). Not to mention that the patty is made purely with salmon straight from Hokkaido!

Credits – McDonald’s Singapore

You’d be excited to hear that the beloved Seaweed Shaker Fries are making a comeback too, and you can get them for $3.40 ala carte or simply top up $0.60 in addition to your Extra Value Meal.

Credits – McDonald’s Singapore

What I’m particularly stoked for is their new line of Matcha Soft Serve desserts. Get it in a cone, Sundae or even McFlurry with OREOs; it’s gonna be hard choosing just one way to enjoy your Matcha ice cream.

You can get the Hokkaido Salmon Burger and Seaweed Shaker Fries after breakfast hours at all McDonald’s outlets or through McDelivery but bear in mind that they’re only available for a limited period of time, as all specials are.

McDonalds’ latest menu is looking extremely promising, and we’re certain you’ll love it very Matcha!

Dates: From 3 May 2018

Prices: $7.70 and above

McDonald’s Singapore: Website | Facebook