Enjoy Nissin Tonkotsu-Flavoured Shake Shake Fries Now Available At McDonald’s Hong Kong

McDonald’s is back once again with a novel way to up its fast-food game. In their latest instalment, McDonald’s Hong Kong has bestowed us with Nissin’s Black Garlic Tonkotsu Flavoured Shake Shake Fries.

Mcdonald's Hong Kong Nissin 3 Online

Expect your fries to come with a tasty dusting of Nissin Black Garlic Oil Tonkotsu seasoning. That’s not all, come 21 March 2019, Mcdonald’s Hong Kong is also launching their shaker fries with Classic Sesame Oil.

All you need to do is upsize your meal (HKD$7.50) and you can get these finger-lickin’ spuds.

Mcdonald's Nissin 1
Adding to their repertoire of new menu items is the Miyazaki-style Nanban Chicken Burger and Nagoya-style Miso Pork Cutlet Burger. Can I get a “Yum!”?

Mcdonald's Hong Kong Nissin 2 online

The good times keep on rolling as a top-up of HKD$98 to your meal will get you this adorable Demae Iccho Japanese Ceramic Tableware Set. A must-collect for all you the Nissin fanatics!

Maybe our McDonald’s should take a cue from McDonald’s Hong Kong?

Dates & Times: Now available (Black Garlic Tonkotsu Flavoured Shaker Fries), at all McDonald’s Hong Kong outlets | From 21 March 2019 (Classic Sesame Oil Shaker Fries), at all McDonald’s Hong Kong outlets 

Prices: Top up HKD$7.50 for a packet of seasoning for Shake Shake Fries, HKD$98 for ceramic tableware set