McDonald’s Philippines Releases All-New Milk Tea McFloat At Only S$2

Bubble tea fans in the Philippines! Craving a bubble tea but not sure where else offers you one at convenience?

Mcdonalds Milk Tea Mcfloat 2

Don’t worry, McDonald’s® Philippines has the ideal drink just for you!

Mcdonalds Milk Tea Mcfloat

McDonald’s® Philippines now offers you Milk Tea McFloat With Brown Sugar Pearls for just ₱75  (S$2). Previously, McDonald’s® Philippines had a similar rendition of the drink, without the brown sugar pearls.

However, upon hearing the popular demand by customers to include the mandatory bubble tea pearls in a bubble tea drink, McDonald’s® Philippines decided to include brown sugar pearls into the drink. The drink is also topped off with a generous amount of vanilla ice cream.

Mcdonalds Milk Tea Mcfloat 3

You can get the drink either as a classic milk tea drink, or in a winter melon milk tea flavour.

Sounds tas-tea? I certainly think so!

Dates & Times: Available at all McDonald’s® Philippines outlets

Price: ₱75 (S$2) per drink