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Get Your Hands On McDonald’s Insta-Worthy Purple Sweet Potato Waffle Cone Now Available In Singapore

Last Updated: February 20, 2020

Written by Stacey Hong

It’s no secret that McDonald’s loves to keep their customers happy, and to do that, they’re coming up with exciting new menu items here to ensure you have a satisfied belly. 

Not long ago after introducing McGriddles and their famous Chocolate Pie back onto the menu, McDonald’s is now bringing the Purple Sweet Potato Waffle Cone to the shores of our sunny island.

This may sound like a weird flavour, but if you’ve ever tried the ice cream at Small Potatoes Ice Cream Creamery, you’ll know it’s worth the hype. Priced from S$2, these cones are available at all McDonald’s dessert kiosks in Singapore. Do take note that prices go up to S$2.20 depending on the outlet you go to. 

Previously only available in Hong Kong and for a brief period of time in Singapore last year, these beautiful lilac cones are back this season to keep you cool in Singapore’s humid weather.

The only difference is that Hong Kong’s version had Oreos incorporated into the dessert, which begs the question—when is Singapore going to do the same?

You’re going to have to gobble it up as soon as you lay hands on it (after taking your Instagram photos, of course)—Singapore’s weather is absolutely unforgiving and you wouldn’t want your ice cream to melt. 

Grab your Purple Sweet Potato Waffle Cone at your nearest McDonald’s outlet today, and let us know what you think about it. 

Dates & Times: Available now in McDonald’s outlets

Prices: S$2 – S$2.20 per cone

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