This Is Not A Drill — McDonald’s Reopens 11 May 2020

Yes, my fellow die-hard McDonald’s fans, you read our title right. No longer do we have to make do with our faux homemade McDonald’s Hotcakes and McSpicy because the real-deal is back.

Mark your calendars, McDonald’s Singapore reopens on 11 May 2020!

It has been approximately three weeks since the morning of 19 April 2020, when McDonald’s Singapore closed the doors of all their outlets islandwide four hours after announcing the temporary suspension of operations in all their restaurants.

Mcdonalds Reopen

This unexpected closure came after the fast-food halted all takeaway services on 17 April 2020 when five of their employees were first tested positive for COVID-19. As a preventive measure to protect their customers and elderly employees, we were forced to suppress our McSpicy urges until they reopen on 5 May 2020—or at least we thought.

However, in their latest Facebook post, the fast-food giant confirmed that they are reopening on 11th May 2020 but only for delivery and takeaway. In light of the CB measures, they won’t be offering their 24-hour service, with Dessert Kiosks and McCafé® remaining close. All customers will have to undergo temperature taking, maintain safe distancing guides, and utilise SafeEntry registration.

To further safeguard against COVID-19, McDelivery orders will be contactless and only contactless payments will be accepted.

Mcdonalds Singapore Reopen Online 2

If you have been experiencing withdrawal syndromes from your lack of Vitamin M, it’s time to wipe off your tears, stand up strong and get ready to queue at the outlets, or wait patiently for your delivery as Mickey D’s is finally back!