Shake It Up With The Return Of McDonald’s Smoky BBQ Shaker Fries & Mango McFlurry Now In M’sia

Each time McDonald’s brings back their widely-loved seaweed shaker fries, it’s like welcoming home a long-lost friend. And each time it gets taken off the menu, it feels like saying goodbye too soon.

But for us shaker fries fans, we can look forward to McDonald’s bringing back their Smoky BBQ McShaker (+RM1), as well as their Mango McFlurry (RM7.54) and Mango Sundae (RM5.19), all available in Malaysia.

Mcdonald's Malaysia M'sia 1 Online

If you loved their previous Spicy McShaker, you’ll enjoy their smoky barbeque flavour.

All you have to is just upgrade your normal fries to their Smoky BBQ McShaker for only RM1.

Mcdonald's Malaysia M'sia 2 Online

They’re always switching up their ice cream flavours, and this time around, they’ve brought back the Mango McFlurry and Mango Sundae.

Mcdonald's Malaysia M'sia 4 Online

You can expect drizzles of mango and fruit bits on these desserts.

Mcdonald's Malaysia M'sia 3 Online

The Mango McFlurry even comes with a sprinkle of Oreo chocolate bits.

A short trip to Malaysia soon, anyone?

If you live in Malaysia, maybe it’s time to hop over to your nearest McDonald’s for some shaker fries and mango ice cream!

Dates & Times: Now available for a limited period of time at McDonald’s Malaysia outlets 

Prices: RM3 – RM7.54 per item 

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