McGriddles is back, and it’s available all day

It’s one of those characters who you desperately wish will come back to life. The ever-elusive McGriddles is about to make its 2021 return in keen fashion, and we’re lucky to be on the receiving end.

On 4 March 2021, the iconic breakfast menu item will hit local stores as an all-day option. That’s right; you can pick one up any time of the day. Alarm clocks, be gone, as you’ll no longer have to be up early and hustle down to the nearest Maccas for some morning McGriddles action. It’s cause for celebration, and I think many would agree with me.

Sausage Mcgriddles
Credit – McDonald’s Singapore

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, and McDonald’s knows this. The allure of maple-flavoured griddle cakes and chicken sausage patties is a proven combination of sweet and savoury. True blue fans of the sandwich wouldn’t be disappointed with this return either, as the Sausage McGriddles (S$4.50) stays true to all of the above.

Sausage McGriddles with Egg
Credit – McDonald’s Singapore

For the shockingly uninitiated, imagine your syrup-laden hotcakes and sausage patty, now condensed into burger-form. A little sweet here, a little salty there—sandwiches all wish they were this intensely flavoured. Add on a fried sunny-side-up for some eggy goodness in the Sausage McGriddles with Egg (S$5.40).

Mcgriddles Stack
Credit – McDonald’s Singapore

Here’s where things get a little bigger. The McGriddles Stack (S$6.20) doubles up on the sausage patties and throws on a whole lot of deliciousness in the form of cheese, a sunny-side-up, and crispy chicken bacon to boot. Sounds like a lot? Well, it is. Order this if you’re especially hungry. It’s bound to fill your tummy and whet your appetite.

Chocolate Pie
Credit – McDonald’s Singapore

Moving away from the McGriddles side of things, another highly anticipated item is the Chocolate Pie (S$1.50). Chocolate lovers have never been more at home with this crisp, molten delight. I’m no different. From past experiences, this pie sells out pretty quickly, so snatch it up while stocks last.

Ah, it’s a great time to be alive, and we have the McGriddles to thank for it.

Date & Time: Available from 4 March 2021 onwards
Price: S$4.50 for Sausage McGriddles, S$5.40 for Sausage McGriddles with Egg, S$6.20 for McGriddles Stack, S$1.50 for Chocolate Pie