14 alternative meat & seafood suppliers in Singapore for your grocery needs

I’m sure most of us had to either cancel or reschedule plans when the dine-in limit went down from five to two. It’ll be a while until we can resume our plans, but every cloud has its silver lining. If you’ve been waiting for a sign to start exploring new recipes, this is it. Whether you’re planning to meal prep for days in advance, or if you want a stay-home date where you’re the chef, these 14 alternative options for meat and seafood suppliers will spoil you for choice.

There’s no need to fuss and fight over produce in the aisles, and no need to leave your home unnecessarily even if you want to keep your freezer fully stocked with some of the best cuts in town, and the best catch of the day. But do take note, that some supplies may run low for popular items, so do check with the respective merchants before purchasing.

Here’s the best part: most of the suppliers’ prices are kept low and competitive, so you’ll definitely get your money’s worth and still keep your family well-fed.

1. Little Farms

Many of us recognise Little Farms as a café and neighbourhood market selling groceries such as fresh fruit, vegetables, produce, as well as quality seafood. Their offerings are sourced directly from farms and suppliers internationally, promising that whatever you purchase is of the highest standards.

a photo of a cooked fish dish from little farms

Little Farms’ seafood range includes both fish and shellfish such as the Seabream (S$14.99), Red Grouper (S$29.99), Tiger Prawns (S$31.49), or Red Snapper (S$19.49), ideal for experimenting at home with family. 

Barramundi Fillet from Little Farms

They also have Sea Bream (S$14.99), Barramundi Fillet (S$12.89), and Squid (S$13.19) for you to recreate your favourite seafood dishes.

Any seafood connoisseur will know that fresh trumps frozen. Little Farms’ Fresh New Zealand King Salmon promises top-notch freshness and quality of meat. The Akaroa Salmon is available in a Portion (S$12) or Fillet (S$97.47). Free delivery is applicable for orders above S$100, and same-day delivery is applicable for orders placed before 11am from Monday to Saturday.

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2.  Le Petit Depot

Established in 2013, Le Petit Depot has been delivering the widest selections of exquisite French products to Singapore. To meet the demands for a more international selection, the online grocer has since expanded to bring in an array of fresh produce not only from other European countries, Australia, and New Zealand.

Le Petit Depot rack of lamb
Credit – Le Petit Depot

Le Petit Depot carries premium, red label, and organic meats raised with sustainable farming practices, taking animal welfare into consideration, in order to produce high-quality meat. Aside from a frozen meat aisle of 100+ items, Le Petit Depot has recently launched a range of fresh meat.

Le Petit Depot meat
Credit – Le Petit Depot

Planning for a dinner party? Whip up a meat lover’s feast with their fresh lamb leg bone-in chops ($13.50 for 200g) or Dorper Lamb Leg (S$58 for 1.4kg). Otherwise, prepare a hearty meal of roast chicken with the grocer’s Duc de Mayenne Cage-Free Whole Yellow Chicken (S$29.50 for 1.4kg) alongside a complementing mix of roasted organic roasted vegetables.

Le Petit Depot lamb chops
Credit – Le Petit Depot

With more than 200 selection meats from the likes of grass-fed beef and free-range chicken to unusual choices such as rabbit, veal and capon, there will surely be a high-quality cut of meat that your recipe calls for, coming at an affordable price. Le Petit Depot is also committed to delivering the freshest ingredients to your doorstep in its refrigerated trucks so don’t be surprised to see your ingredients still in their frozen state when your doorbell rings.

For those of you who urgently need your ingredients, do note that Le Petit Depot also offers next day delivery. Free delivery is also available for all orders above S$100, so hurry, get clicking away on their website now. And for SethLui.com readers especially, you will enjoy a S$10 discovery voucher if you enter ‘SETH10’ in the promo section just before check out, applicable for a S$50 minimum basket.

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3. Greenwood Fish Market

Greenwood Fish Market Online Meat & Seafood Suppliers
Credit – Greenwood Fish Market

I’m not aware of many restaurants in Singapore whose seafood selection is as varied as Greenwood Fish Market‘s. I’ve been patronising their restaurant for years with my family, and it’s always exciting to hear about the Catch of the Day and their Daily Specials.

Greenwood Fish Market Online 2 Meat & Seafood Suppliers
Credit – Greenwood Fish Market

I’m especially glad that their online store now allows for fresh, cold water seafood to be ordered from the comfort and safety of home. With same-day delivery and self pick-up options, you can whip up a feast at home for all occasions with their selection of globally-sourced seafood—from Freshly Shucked Oysters (from S$4.95/each), whole fishes, and even Live Boston Lobsters (from S$40 for 500g – 550g)!

Looking to create a surf & turf platter? Then this is your one-stop shop, with its additions of Australian lamb, beef, and veal. Grill up a sizzling USDA Choice Prime Rib (1kg – 1.1kg) for just S$68, or a Chilled Australian Wagyu Ribeye M6/7 (approx. 300g) at a wallet-friendly S$38.90. With just a simple call, you may request the team to portion, marinate, prepare the carcass from nose-to-tail, and almost anything in between. Just note that delivery fees are either S$10 or S$15, dependent on location, and delivery charges are waived with minimum spending of S$100.

Daily: 12pm – 9pm
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4. Savour Gourmet

Savour Gourmet Ribs
Credit – Savour Gourmet

Here to make all your home cooking recipes a breeze is Savour Gourmet. Their latest product line of Duck Confit (350g – 400g) (S$18, U.P. S$28), Lamb Shank (600g – 700g (S$25, U.P. S$30.60), and Baby Pork Ribs (450g – 500g) (S$19, U.P. S$20) makes for great, scrumptious recipes—at a fraction of the cost of eating out.

Savour Gourmet Cod
Credit – Savour Gourmet

Imagine whipping up comforting family-style meals for any occasion without the hassle of leaving your home? That’s the beauty of Savour Gourmet’s convenient and extensive delivery line-up. They even have seafood favourites such as Premium Cod Fish Portion Cut (250g – 300g) (S$16.50, U.P. S$25), Flower Garouper (400g – 600g) (S$9.90, U.P. S$14) and budget-friendly options such as the Whole Red Tilapia Fish (400g – 600g) (S$4.90), so you’ll never have to worry about running low on produce ever again.

That’s not all; they also sell cooked food items to supplement your homely meals, such as Fish Maw Ginseng Chicken Soup (1000ml) (S$12, U.P. S$15) and Peach Collagen Ginseng Chicken Soup (1000ml) (S$12, U.P. S$15). Still on the hunt for more home-cooking options? Well, you’re in luck; Savour Home has Cook at Home kits such as the Cook At Home Seafood Set (S$9.90 – S$16.90) which includes a variety of fish choices and sauce options, as well as the Nordic Grill Instant BBQ Pit (S$0.50 – S$14.90).

Savour Gourmet BBQ
Credit – Savour Gourmet

The latter allows you the option to choose from Standard and Premium Pit to any miscellaneous equipment you may require for a convivial home BBQ experience from the safety of home. As a produce retailer, they are conveniently accessible online via major e-commerce platforms such as Shopee, Qoo10, RedMart—and soon, Lazada, and FairPrice Marketplace.

Savour Gourmet is currently offering complimentary doorstep delivery on orders above S$65 on their website and above S$60 on e-commerce platforms (except Redmart and Fairprice). Customers can also enjoy 2.5% cashback on all website purchases as well as additional cashback when you leave a product review.

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5. The Meat Club

The Meat Club Online Meat & Seafood Suppliers

I have to say, there’s a certain special feeling you get when you’re deemed as part of a ‘club’, and at The Meat Club, that feeling certainly rings true. Their speciality is procuring fresh cuts of meat directly from suppliers in Australia, which enables them to pass on the overhead savings to us, the customers.

With that said, that means we’re privy to select cuts are reasonable prices, with club members enjoying 20% off when they join the ‘Auto Pilot’. ‘Auto Pilot’ members are entitled to sweet perks like next-day delivery (for orders placed before 2pm), free delivery for orders above S$100, S$50 off first order for new members who commit to at least three deliveries as well as the ability to modify your cart or defer/pause your delivery at any time.

Looking to make meatballs or a mouth-watering bolognese sauce? Their Grass-fed Premium Beef Lean Mince (300g) is only S$14.90 for a one-off purchase or S$12 for Club purchase. There’s no need to wait till the lockdown is be over when you can easily grill yourself a succulent steak with a cut of their Grass-fed Ribeye Steak (250g) (S$20.70 for single purchase, S$16.60 for Club purchase) or Grass-fed Angus Porterhouse Steak (500g) (S$37.70 for single purchase, S$30.20 for Club purchase).

The Meat Club Online2 Meat & Seafood Suppliers

They also offer Free-range Lamb Rack (Halal) (650g) (S$52.50 for single purchase, S$42 for Club purchase) if you’re looking to create a fancy meal for your partner. Don’t forget their wide selection of pork, like Free-range Pork Belly (500g) (S$21.50 for single purchase, S$17.20 for Club purchase) and Free-range Pork Stir-fry (500g) (S$21.50 for single purchase, S$17.20 for Club purchase), ideal for homely recipes and comforting Asian dishes.

After filling your cart with all the protein you need, delivery charges and timings will differ depending on whether you select ‘Single Purchase’ or sign up to be an ‘Auto Pilot’ member. Here’s to becoming a master griller by the time we can dine out once again!

24 Peck Seah Street, Nehsons Building, #06-01, Singapore 079314
+65 9398 5746
Mon to Fri: 9am – 8pm
Sat: 9am – 2.30pm
Closed on Sun
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Seatobag Online (1)

As the world’s pioneer in LACTOSEAFOOD™, SEATOBAG™ is going for gold with its aim to be an environmentally sustainable solution to modern-day fish farming. This is made possible via the rigorous research and development partnership with Otemchi Biotechnologies.

What does this mean for you, as a consumer? Seafood that carries zero antibiotics and has been reared in proprietary lactobacillus and Omega-3. Not only would they be an excellent source of protein, but they also test higher in essential fatty acids. All these factors have led them to attain the Singapore Health Promotion Board’s Healthier Choice stamp, which assures consumers of its health benefits.

Seatobag Online2 (1)
Credit – SEATOBAG™

Hygiene is highly regarded here, as the product is individually vacuum-packed to drastically minimise contamination. Can’t wait to check out what’s in store for you? Well, the LACTOSEAFOOD™ Fourfinger Threadfin (Whole) (S$11.90) is descaled, cleaned, individually vacuum-packed and frozen fresh for up to three months (minimum)—ideal for a family meal! They also offer LACTOSEAFOOD™ Barramundi (Whole) (S$12.90), perfect for trying out pescatarian recipes that involve grilling, frying, and even baking.

The best part is that they deliver islandwide, so no one needs to feel left out. Shipping cost is a flat fee within Singapore—you’ll be notified when you checkout on their site. However, orders above S$100 are entitled to free delivery, so this is a great time to stock up on seafood!

Deliveries are also scheduled from 11am – 1pm, from Tuesdays to Sundays, and orders need to be submitted by 5pm the day before in order to be delivered the following day. With that in mind, be sure to get your orders in early, so you’ll have your protein arrive in time for dinner. Our well-being is one of the most important things to look after at the moment, so there’s no better time than now to choose healthier seafood.

Blk 109 Clementi Street 11, Sunset Way Residence, #01-09, Singapore 120109
+65 6970 2290
Ties to Sun: 9am – 7pm
Closed on Mon
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7. QB Food

Qb Food Online Meat & Seafood Suppliers

As one of the largest wholesale meat suppliers in town, QB Food is a name that you’ll want to bookmark, given their wide array of meats, dairy products, cured meats, as well as ready-to-cook products.

Whip up a hearty bowl of oxtail stew with their Australian Frozen Cut Beef Tails/Oxtail (approximately 1kg) (S$22) or have date night at home with your significant other by preparing a romantic meal of lamb rack using Frozen Bone-in Lamb Rack (approximately 1.3kg) (S$31.10 per kg).

If you’re looking for a quick offer, their Frozen Iberico Pork Chop (approximately 500g) is selling at a discounted price of S$13.95, while the US Swift Black Angus Beef Ribeye (1kg) is going for only S$49.80.

Qb Food Online2 Meat & Seafood Suppliers

They deliver daily, and orders are usually fulfilled within 48 hours of placing your order. Not to mention, all orders above S$95 will entitle you to complimentary delivery. To order, simply give them a call at +65 6261 6410.

For all the convenience you need, order the freshest meat on the market online.

8 Chin Bee Crescent, Singapore 619893
+65 6261 6410 (online orders)/+65 9788 7880 (Whatsapp)
Facebook | Website

8. Fassler Gourmet Seafood

Fassler Gourmet Seafood Online Meat & Seafood Suppliers

Fassler Gourmet Seafood‘s game is sustainable and healthy seafood from all over the world. Their catches are all sourced from certified sustainable sources that hold pride in responsible fishing and farming.

The best part is that they’re also halal-certified!

Fassler Gourmet Seafood Online2 Meat & Seafood Suppliers

Think that scallops are out of your price range and considered a novelty ingredient in home-cooking? Now with Scallops US – Extra Large (500g packet) (S$21.90); you’ll be whipping up delectable seafood recipes very soon. Or perhaps you’re thinking of alternative fish options—why not go for Saba Mackerel Whole (400g – 600g) (S$11 per kg)?

You can even create a Japanese-themed meal at a fraction of the cost with their Sashimi Pre-sliced (250g packet) at only S$14.90! The scrumptious seafood ideas are endless, and soon enough you’ll be hooked. Ordering’s a breeze as you can fill your cart with up to 80 seafood items, then choose an available timeslot–they deliver six days a week, Monday to Saturday, either from 10am – 2pm or 1pm – 5pm, with Saturday delivery only being from 10am – 2pm—and they’ll deliver your seafood loot in two days.

If you order above S$80, you’ll also get to enjoy free delivery. Score!

46 Woodlands Terrace, Singapore 738459
+65 6257 5257
Facebook | Website

9. ZAC Butchery

Zac Butchery Online Meat & Seafood Suppliers

One of the leading halal meat suppliers around definitely has to be ZAC Butchery, given that they don’t just sell a wide variety of meat cuts; they also offer sausages, cold cuts, and even ready-made meals if you’re not up to cooking a meal yourself.

A pack of Beef Cubes (250g) start from as low as S$8.75, while a pack of Grass-fed Beef Tenderloin (400g) is only selling at S$30 (and it even comes with a packet of ZAC steak spice mix if you’re unsure about how to season it!). For chicken, they have both marinated and non-marinated meat, with a 1kg portion of Chicken Wings Pack, Peri-Peri-Marinated setting you back only S$12.50.

Zac Butchery Online2 Meat & Seafood Suppliers

If you’re keen to make a mutton curry for one of your dinners, their 1kg portion of Mutton Leg Cubes Boneless (S$20) should be more than sufficient to feed up to five people. Delivery on their portal is simple; with a minimum order of S$35, there will be a flat delivery fee of S$15 (with an extra S$10 fee to addresses in Tuas and Sentosa). They deliver daily, with delivery timings dependent on when you placed your order the day before.

Note that orders above S$120 will have their delivery fees waived, so make sure to keep that fridge stocked with enough meat to feed the entire family.

1B Figaro Street, Singapore 4588322
+65 6636 0939
Mon to Fri: 9am – 8pm
Sat & Sun: 9am – 6pm
Facebook | Instagram | Website

10. Ah Hua Kelong

Ah Hua Kelong Online Meat & Seafood Suppliers

Ah Hua Kelong—or better known to many as their restaurants, Ah Hua Kelong @ Ria and SCALED by Ah Hua Kelong—is one of the more renowned kelong companies that supply both to restaurants and consumers.

During this lockdown period, their service to those staying at home is truly helpful, in terms of convenience and the ability to provide options for those who cannot find what they need in mass supermarkets.

Ah Hua Kelong Online2 Meat & Seafood Suppliers

Their produce is mainly local breeds of fish which are ideal for all the Asian recipes I’m sure we’re all busy trying our hands at during this extended #StayHome period. Some of the best finds are La La Singapore (1kg) (S$15), Golden Pomfret (650g) (S$13), and Frozen Prawns (2kg) (S$60).

Be sure to place your orders before 4pm daily, in order to allow them to space out the deliveries on either Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Saturday, between 3pm – 6pm. The delivery fee is a flat rate of only S$15, and if you manage to rack up your cart to S$60, delivery is free! Although we import a large fraction of our food, why not minimise your carbon footprint and support our local kelong?


11. Open Taste Meat

Open Taste Meat Online2 Meat & Seafood Suppliers

Don’t want to go through the hassle of wondering when the next delivery slot is available? Open Taste Meat‘s site addresses that issue, with a comprehensive list of fresh meat, each annotated with when that particular cut is available for delivery!

They also tag each product image to signal if they’re grass-fed, organic, free-range, antibiotic-free, hormone-free, or if they’re sold frozen—what a handy way to ensure you’re feeding you and your family only the healthiest cuts. You can serve a satisfying meal on a decent budget with their Organic Grass-fed Beef Filet Mignon (200g) (S$26.99 per pack) and Grass-fed Wagyu Beef MS 3/4 Striploin (220g) (S$31.99 per pack).

Open Taste Meat Online Meat & Seafood Suppliers

Fresh lamb and goat meat are available, as well as fresh chicken—all competitively priced when compared to those sold in supermarkets. In the frozen section, there’s plenty more to spoil you with choices, like 2xOrganic Kampung Chicken Minced (500g) is only selling at S$11.99 for two packs, while 2xShabu Pork Belly (250g) is going at a steal of S$9.99 for two packs.

Their delivery rates differ depending on whether your order includes bulky items. For bulky orders, Premium Members enjoy free delivery at all times if they spend over S$49—and they also get a 2% reward on all purchases. Non-premium members will have to spend over S$150 to enjoy free delivery, while orders below S$75 will have a S$6.95 delivery free, and those above S$75 will incur a S$4.95 delivery fee. Still, a pretty good deal if you ask me!

Non-bulky orders have more straightforward charges; orders above S$49 enjoy complimentary delivery, while those below S$49 will have to fork out an extra S$4.95.

Facebook | Instagram | Website

12. D’Fish Market

Dfish Market Online Meat & Seafood Suppliers

D’Fish Market is a modest local supplier that runs its business conveniently via Instagram. While they are not one of the bigger players in the market, their seafood selection is still pretty impressive.

Just one glance at their Instagram page, and it made me wish I had more room in my fridge to keep stock-loads of fresh seafood! You will have to leave a Whatsapp message for them at +65 9743 2629, where you can view their menu in their shop’s catalogue.

Dfish Market Online2 Meat & Seafood Suppliers

Some of the items that stand out are Golden Snapper (L) (S$17), Stingray Mid-cut ($16/kg), Black Pomfret (S$14), Gong Gong (S$7.50/kg), La La (S$4/kg), and Large Tiger Prawns (30 pieces) (S$24). Minimum order is only S$30, with a S$5 delivery fee—talk about affordable!

They deliver from Tuesday to Sunday, and even provide cleaning and cutting of your fish. However, be sure to place your orders early, as this period might just prove to be a busy time for them, with delivery slots booked for up to a week.

+65 9743 2629

13. Eatings-crabs.com

Eating Crabscom Online Meat & Seafood Suppliers

Another Instagram seafood supplier treats us to great deals, as they offer unique combo sets that are amazingly wallet-friendly. Eating-crabs.com is also 100% Muslim-owned; perfect for stocking up on fresh ingredients during Ramadhan.

A la carte orders can be taken too, of course, but you’ll have to leave them a message on Whatsapp at +65 9007 8520 for specific prices. Past combo deals as shown on their Instagram account include Seafood Combo B (S$96) sets that come with 1kg each of flower crab, squid, prawns, lala, and other seafood. There’s also a Seafood a la carte pick of mussels, seabass, stingray, and plenty more with a minimum order of 3kg or three items, with S$7 delivery fee.

Eating Crabs.com Online2 Meat & Seafood Suppliers

Dislike the thought of having to de-scale and clean all those fishes? Well, you’ll be tempted to start ordering, because their prices include cleaning and cutting, as well as delivery.

Delivery is carried out on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, so it’s fastest fingers first for the earlier slot.

+65 9007 8520

14. Dish the Fish

Dish The Fish Online Meat & Seafood Suppliers

Dish the Fish‘s site greets you with well-organised drop-down menus, which prove to be helpful for those unfamiliar with buying their fresh seafood from any other place than a market. They offer a variety of seafood according to ‘Product Type’, ‘Cooking Style’ as well as ‘Health Benefits’.

Under the ‘Grilling’ sub-section of ‘Cooking Style’, there’s enough succulent fish for you to start conjuring recipes even before you’ve purchased the fish. Their Norwegian Ocean Trout (250g) goes from only S$11, while their Snapper Steak (about 200g) is a steal, at S$5.90.

Dish The Fish Online2 Meat & Seafood Suppliers

Don’t miss out on their shellfish selection either, as their Wild Sea White (Ang Kar) Prawns (Medium Size, 500g) will set you back by only S$20 and you’ll want to grab yourself a portion of Flower Crab Claw Meat (454g) (S$36.80) if you’re planning on elevating that homemade fried rice.

Feel like the cuts are too big for a small family? They also offer a unique ‘Child Cut’ option for some fishes, so there’s less wastage and you won’t have to over-order. Their delivery service is available from Tuesday to Saturday, 2.30pm – 5.30pm and 4pm – 7pm, with free delivery for purchases above S$80. Unfortunately, orders less than S$80 will not be accepted during the ‘Circuit Breaker’ period due to the high order volume they’re currently facing.

Still not convinced? They also happen to be running a promotion currently on Wild Hokkaido Sashimi Grade Scallops (S$36) for 454g.

154 West Coast Road, West Coast Plaza, #B1-22/23/24, Singapore 127371
+65 6988 9271
Mon to Fri: 11am – 8pm
Sat & Sun: 11am – 7pm
Facebook | Instagram | Website

After doing research for alternative avenues to procure our weekly supply of fresh and frozen meat, it makes me wonder why more people aren’t supporting these businesses to take the pressure off wet markets and supermarkets.

With such a diverse number of protein suppliers, it’s one of the best times to #supportlocal and patronise these smaller businesses, so they can stick around even after this pandemic is over.

*This post contains branded content.

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