MediumRare By Saveur: Great Value-For-Money Steaks Starting From S$18 At Tampines

MediumRare By Saveur is the newest project birthed as a charming steakhouse in the heartlands of Tampines. Born out of wanting to combine expert french cooking with affordability, their main ethos of ‘fine French, made affordable’ is apparent and consistent in all of the dishes we had.

We visited the one-month-old establishment in Century Square Mall on a Wednesday afternoon. We found it right in between high-rise buildings that house offices for the main East-side business district. It was easy navigation from Tampines MRT station, with an unmistakable ‘MediumRare’ window sign in bright red.


The interior shows a classy, bright space that combines three different dining sections, designed to fit the mood you are feeling on the day. The first had an alfresco-diner-style feel to it, while another showed a classic bar countertop eating area.

We settled for what we deemed as the most romantic section of the space — complete with fluorescent chandeliers and a floral-plastered wallpaper. Not that we were on a fancy date, but that’s just how we felt on the day.

Mediumrare 3

We’d notice quite a sell for the Flat Iron Steak (S$18 for 250g) with ongoing promotions, so we chose that first. We also decided on the Striploin (S$18 for 200g) along with one of its best premium cut offerings, the Angus Ribeye (S$36 for 250g). 

Each steak dish comes with two sides (so that was a total of six sides for us that day) and then promptly decided on the Chef’s recommendation of Beef Fats Fried Rice, Mac & Cheese, Creamed Spinach, Fries, Onion Rings, and Mashed Potato.

Mediumrare 3

The Flat Iron Steak came already sliced and well-rested on our table. Our first impressions were one of enthrallment, to say the least. A perfect medium-rare.

The Flat Iron Steak came at a greatly impressive price-point. The steak comes from a very lean cut of the cow and tasted clean as opposed to fatty.

Mediumrare 8

We had the Striploin next and that was when we were transported to steak heaven. Seared to a perfect medium-rare and seasoned to perfection, it definitely tasted heartier, carrying an intense beefy flavour. We liked the Striploin best; faultless.

Mediumrare 5

The Angus Ribeye also came up to a very high standard as it was tender-soft while definitely qualifying for the ‘melt-in-your-mouth’ club. It was rich and extremely savoury with umami. The splurge at S$36 justified its quality.

Mediumrare 4

Each steak came with a choice of sauce. The chef had recommended the Cafe de Paris, a herb butter that’s meant to be smeared on, just as the steak is still sizzling from the grill. The steak absorbed the melted herb butter, injecting it with more flavour.

Mediumrare 10

It definitely did a lot to enhance the richness of the overall plate. What a game-changer.

Mediumrare 2

A notable favourite side of ours definitely had to be the Mac & Cheese. It’s good enough to be an entree on its own, and I would pay good money to have it again.

Mediumrare 11

The Beef Fats Fried Rice was good too. Sadly, it didn’t possess any special quality to differentiate it from regular fried rice though.


The chef had one more dish for us at the end of our meal. Have you ever had ever steak and foie gras in one dish for a steal at only S$23? Topped with a sous vide egg, this is arguably their best-value-for-money entree. The steak came from the same cut of the Flat Iron.

In combination with the naturally fatty foie gras and rice, it created an over-the-top luxurious experience, minus the hole in our wallet. A single serving was enough to fill both of us up.

MediumRare By Saveur makes eating choice cuts for the masses at an extremely generous price-point such a draw. Living up to their name, the restaurant truly does justice to the steaks by preparing them the way it should be eaten.

We can’t fault them with any aspect of their food quality at the moment, so you can be sure of an unforgettable steak dinner here!

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Expected Damage: S$18 – S$36 per pax

Price: $ $

Our Rating: 5 / 5

MediumRare By Saveur

2 Tampines Central 5, Century Square Mall, #01-35, Singapore 529509

Our Rating 5/5

MediumRare By Saveur

2 Tampines Central 5, Century Square Mall, #01-35, Singapore 529509

Telephone: +65 6789 1121
Operating Hours: 12pm - 10pm (Daily)
Telephone: +65 6789 1121

Operating Hours: 12pm - 10pm (Daily)
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