[CLOSED] MEET Casual Dining: Japanese-French Fusion Cuisine With Great Lunch Specials At City Square Mall

meet dining

Saying that I love Japanese food would be a huge understatement – the use of fresh, quality ingredients in the cuisine is unparalleled. Except maybe by the French (in my opinion anyway).

So a Japanese-French fusion establishment like MEET in City Square Mall is right up my street.

MEET dining

MEET dining

The large dining space is inviting, encompassing exactly what MEET preaches: a casual dining area for friends and family to come and enjoy sharing good, quality food.

What do they mean by fusion exactly? You’ll find that the menu was conceptualised based on Japanese ingredients cooked in French culinary styles. 

MEET dining

I was there for lunch and thought I’d try some of the specials, which are served from 11.30am – 2.30pm daily. Each option comes with one soft drink, and you can choose to top up $3 for the soup of the day.

The Classic Mentaiko Pasta and 6 Hours Braised Beef Cheek Angel Hair ($14.90 each, lunch special) came highly recommended, served in hearty portion sizes which will definitely fill you up.

MEET dining

The Classic Mentaiko Pasta came with pan seared scallops and an onsen egg, which made the sauce even creamier. If you’re a fan of anything mentaiko, you’re going to love this.

The scallops were cooked nicely and were thankfully not rubbery. It was also very interesting to taste the incorporation of seaweed butter in the sauce, which was the ideal fusion ingredient in the dish.

The addition of bonito flakes on top brought even more flavour to the pasta, which should be enjoyed when hot so as not to risk tasting jelak.

MEET dining

For something more towards French cuisine, try the 6 Hours Braised Beef Cheek with angel hair pasta. Reminiscent of a good joues de boeuf confites (braised beef cheek) in France, the meat was tender and paired well with the angel hair pasta, which the sauce clung onto nicely.

MEET dining

This pasta was also served with an onsen egg which I love, and you should give everything a good mix to get all the flavours in one bite. I quite preferred this to the Classic Mentaiko Pasta because the seasoning was on point and a good amount of meat was dispersed throughout.

MEET dining

If you’re not feeling pasta for lunch, I highly recommend ordering the Honey Spiced Roasted Half Chicken ($9.80, lunch special), which I thought was really value for money. Do take note though that this dish doesn’t come with a soft drink.

MEET dining

What you do get is a very decent portion of succulent chicken that has been roasted to perfection. The meat comes topped with crushed almond nuts for added texture and is served with sautéed button mushrooms and a side of lemon cream sauce.

The chicken basically tasted like honey barbecue and went well with the slightly tangy lemon cream sauce. If you prefer, you can order the whole chicken instead to share between two people ($18).

MEET dining mash potato

The side of mashed potato topped with bacon that comes with the dish (yupp, all that for $9.80) could definitely hold its own – I would order this again just because it’s one of the better mashed potatoes that I’ve had in Singapore.

While the consistency of the mash could have been smoother, it was very creamy and well seasoned.

If you work in the area and are looking for a good place for lunch, drag your colleagues to MEET so you can order a few of the specials to share. The fusion dishes are pretty value for money and the quality of the ingredients make it worth a second visit.

The restaurant is also very popular for the beef cuts that it serves, and I’ll definitely be back to try a portion of the US Prime Ribeye ($55). 

Expected damage: $10 – $20 per person

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MEET Casual Dining: #02-37/38 City Square Mall, 180 Kitchener Road Singapore 208539 | Opening Hours: 11.30am – 10pm (Daily) | Tel: +65 69090568 | Website

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