Mellower Coffee: Shanghai Cafe Brings The Coffee & Candy Floss Combo To Singapore

Mellower Coffee Exterior

Gone are the days when any dose of caffeine would suffice – welcome to the age of specialty coffee. Joining the list of franchises opening in Singapore is Mellower Coffee, a specialty coffee chain from Shanghai.

Reputed as one of the leading cafe chains in China, Mellower Coffee focuses on the overall coffee drinking experience, and the branch along Robinson Road in Singapore is definitely a place I’d like to sit and have a cuppa at.

Mellower Coffee

mellower coffee interior

The store layout and interior decoration is easy on the eyes, providing an aesthetically pleasing space to while away your afternoon. There are loads of tables as well, so fighting for a seat shouldn’t be an issue.

Mellower Coffee

Mellower Coffee

The team of baristas are highly trained to provide you with as good a coffee drinking experience as possible. Mellower Coffee uses an original house blend in all the espresso-based items, which racks up to quite a few choices for coffee lovers.

The blend is a mix of coffee beans from Brazil, Colombia and Ethiopia, resulting in nutty, chocolate and caramel flavour notes. One particular coffee creation caught my eye and it’s about time everyone was introduced to Sweet Little Rain.

Mellower Coffee sweet little rain

Sweet Little Rain ($9.80) was conceptualized by Mellower Coffee’s Kim Jinkyu (Korean Barista Champion), and is essentially a ball of cotton candy suspended over a steaming Americano.

The steam that wafts upwards starts to melt the cotton candy, which then drips into the cup of black coffee, simulating raindrops as it sweetens the brew. It’s quite a pretty sight and worth the 15-minute wait, especially if you’re a fan of a strong cuppa.

Mellower Coffee sweet little rain

I had to stop myself from eating all the cotton candy before giving it a chance to melt though. When I eventually made it to the coffee, I enjoyed the hint of sweetness against the sour aftertaste that an Americano characteristically provides.

It’s definitely one way to substitute having to put sugar cubes in, and I’m sure all you Instagrammers out there are going to love this.

Mellower Coffee latte

If you’re afraid of change, stick to the usual Caffe Latte ($6) and you won’t be disappointed. Two espresso shots are mixed with hot, foamy milk to create one of the best lattes I’ve ever had in Singapore (and I drink ALOT of coffee).

The house blend that they use makes for a delicious nutty and caramel flavour, which duped me into thinking I’d ordered a flavoured coffee by mistake. If you’re in the area and looking for a pick-me-up, this is your best bet.

Mellower Coffee cold brew

Mellower Coffee also offers two Mellower Dutch Cold Brews ($6.80 each), which is another easy drink to get on the go. The Black (unsweetened) and White (with milk & sugar syrup) can be kept for up to a week in the cute bottles it’s served in.

Mellower Coffee cold brew

The coffee is slow steeped for up to 12 hours which creates a smooth, refreshing and aromatic taste. I preferred the Black and unsweetened brew as I found the White version too sweet, but that’s just me.

Both weren’t very strong though, so if you want something to wake you up, maybe go for an Iced Americano ($5.20) instead.

Mellower Coffee drip coffee

Drip Coffee Packs ($14.80/ box) are also available for takeaway so that you can always have a good cup of coffee in the office. With 10 packets in each box, it turns out to be quite value for money since you still get to enjoy the signature Mellower blend, at a fraction of the price.

An even bigger Mellower Coffee branch is set to open in February 2017 (108 Middle Road) and promises two storeys of cosy corners for a catch up over good coffee. This new branch will also be serving special alcoholic caffeinated concoctions like a Guinnesspresso and a Bailey’s Misumisu. 

Coffee and alcohol in one? I can’t wait.

Expected damage: $3.80 – $9.80 per pax

Mellower Coffee: #01-03, 77 Robinson Road, Singapore 068896 | Opening Hours: (Mon to Fri) 8am – 8pm, (Sat) 9am – 5pm | Tel: +65 6532 2436 | Facebook | Website