Melt Cafe: Singapore’s Own Around-The-World Buffet With An Amazing Indian Selection

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If you’re a fan of buffets, you will be pleased to hear that Melt Cafe is back and better than ever with their newly revamped international buffet. Located at Mandarin Oriental, Melt Cafe has one of the best – if not the best – buffet selections in Singapore in my opinion (no, we’re not being paid to say that). Perfect for corporate meals and special occasions, Melt Cafe is your go-to buffet place.


Clad in majestic carpets and cushioned chairs, dining at Melt Cafe will not only fill you up with incredible food but will also make you feel like royalty. The brightly lit buffet space also includes a private room and a newly-added dessert cubicle for hand-made marshmallows (did somebody say marshmallows?!).


But before we talk about desserts, let’s talk about the appetizers. At Melt Cafe, you’ll be spoilt for choices. There is a variety of cold cuts, salads, freshly baked breads, and sashimi at the Cold Station. Light and easy, Melt Cafe offers fantastic appetizers to get your buffet started. The sashimi (tuna, yellowtail and salmon!) and nigiris in particular were spectacular.

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Once you’re done with your appetizers, head on over to the Seafood counter for your second round. Always surrounded by people, the Seafood counter is clearly one of the most popular station at Melt Cafe.

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With shiny crustaceans, you can’t go wrong with Melt Cafe’s array of fresh seafood, especially the fresh lobsters! Juicy and firm, the lobsters are meaty and full of flavour. Without much seasoning, the meat is truly great on its own.


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The oysters are also another must-try. Slightly slippery and kept ice-cold, the oysters are also great on its own. If there is another item you should try at the seafood counter, it’s the scallops. Still attached to its shell, the scallops are super chewy.


Despite the fact that Melt Cafe has a fantastic spread of seafood, there is no hiding the fact that its main highlight is the Indian cuisine.


From the tandoori chicken to the prepared-on-the-spot naans that comes in various flavours (garlic, cheese…), the Indian food selection is definitely something buffet goers have to try.


The wide variety of curries further emphasizes how much of a highlight the Indian food at Melt Cafe is. From masala to red curry, the curries at Melt Cafe are fragrant and will lure you into the Indian Counter in no time. The chicken curry is highly recommended.

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The Mutton Briyani is another must-try. Perhaps better known as King of the Indian Counter, the whole mutton leg is marinated for 10 hours and roasted for another 10 hours. Not just a feast for the eyes, the mutton is extremely tender with intense spice flavours infused.

The firmer texture and sweetness of the basmati rice really complements the mutton too, making the dish chewier than your average briyani. This special item is mostly only available during their ‘Flavours of India’ promotion.


If you’re a carnivore but not too big a fan of curries then go for the kebabs. Marinated in aromatic spices, the kebabs (comes in lamb, beef and chicken) are roasted to perfection. The charred texture gives the kebab a shine that makes it look as tender as it tastes. The meat melts in your mouth!


The lamb chop is another option for non-curry eaters. The meat falls off the bone perfectly and there is a slightly acidic taste that goes well with noodle dishes available at the Live Gourmet Station. If you fancy something more extravagant, the foie gras on a lamb patty will be the perfect pick. Fatty yet lean, the mixture of meat cuts makes this foie gras less jelak than your usual foie gras.

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Over at the Live Gourmet Station that replaced the Pasta Station, there is Wagyu Shabu Shabu the Drunken Herbal Prawns and the Specialty Boston Lobster Laksa. Finding it hard to choose what to eat? Go for the Specialty Boston Lobster Laksa. 


The Laksa’s soup base is rich. The coconut base and spices are meshed perfectly giving the dish a bright orange laksa look as opposed to the assam-concentrated red clear soup version. The coconut flavour is strong and the dish is mildly spicy. The noodles are slurp-worthy too.


If that didn’t fill you up, there is also a varied selection of cheese to choose from and enjoy with wine. There are crackers, breadsticks and homemade breads to enjoy the cheeses with as well.

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And if you have room for dessert (who doesn’t?), the dessert station is there to meet your needs. There is a milk chocolate fountain, belgian waffles, ice-cream and a la minute crepes to depend on to meet your sweet tooth cravings. There is also a new area with hand-made marshmallows that just launched.

If you prefer Asian desserts, there is also a selection of nyonya kuehs to choose from. For healthier choices, head on over to the Fruits Station.

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Kindly note that even though Melt Cafe’s Flavours of India special ended (which is what we reviewed), there is still much to anticipate especially because Father’s Day is around the corner. Melt Cafe will be rolling out an unforgettable ‘All about Beef’ Sunday Brunch. Beef Shabu-Shabu, Australian Prime Rib and Grilled Wagyu Burgers… what better way to treat your dad?

Overall, Melt Cafe still has one of the largest buffet selections in Singapore. Their revamped menu didn’t stretch the selection all that much but it certainly changed things up a little which makes it exciting for those who have been to Melt Cafe and those who haven’t. If you haven’t made a trip to Melt cafe for their buffet, you should!

Expected Damage: 

Mon – Sat Brunch: $62 pax
Sun Brunch: $98 pax (inclusive of free flow of juices and soft drinks) or $158 pax (inclusive of free flow of champagne, wines, beer, juices and soft drinks)

Sun  -Wed Dinner: $78 pax
Thu – Sat: $88 pax (inclusive of barbecue selections)

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Melt Cafe: Mandarin Oriental Singapore, 5 Raffles Avenue, Marina Square, 039797 | Tel: 6885 3500 | Website