Miam Miam (Westgate): Singapore Cafe Review

“French-Japanese inspired cafe kitchen”

miam miam cafe westgate Miam Miam prides itself as a cafe kitchen serving affordable cuisine using French techniques and Japanese ingredients. Food is only prepared upon ordering to make sure the freshness presented on each plate, and so there will be some waiting time of about 15 minutes between each dishes served. Relatively new in the scene and basking in its booming popularity, there always seems to be a never ending queue outside the establishment. miam miam cafe kitchen The contrasting colors of the interior and comfy whimsical chairs portray a quirky and casual vibe fitting for a tête-à-tête session. miam miam matcha hot chocolate Matcha Hot Chocolate ($7.80). Using only Grade 1 Japanese matcha for all their matcha drinks, this crafted beverage is delightfully smooth and warms up your palate. It sounded odd at first to pair chocolate and matcha, but it works. My personal favorite choice on the menu. miam miam cafe clam chowder Clam Chowder ($5.80). Served with toasted bread, the clam chowder is heavy on the sweet cream, but otherwise lacks clam flavour. A bit too thin to my liking as well. miam miam singapore riz au curry Riz Au Curry ($15.50). Baked Rice with homemade Japanese curry, pork frankfurters, broccoli, cheese and egg. Love the tantalizing aroma of the curry when it was served. Overall a comforting medley of substantial ingredients. miam miam singapore souffle rice

Souffle De Nuage ($15.50). Fresh tomato sauteed rice topped with fluffy clouds of egg and cheese. I found the souffle a bit too airy without any prominent taste (like biting into bubbles), but the baked rice and cheese was decent. miam miam cafe squid ink pasta Squid Ink Pasta ($16.80). Pasta tossed in extra virgin olive oil, premium squid ink powder, squid rings and drizzled with wasabi infused oil. Pasta is measured at exact 110g and cooked under precise timing, producing a standard al dente texture. I would’ve preferred the squid ink flavor to be stronger here, but you do get the subtle hints of wasabi aftertaste. miam miam spaghetti singapore Miam Miam Spaghetti ($15.80). Sauteed with frankfurters, tomatoes, baby spinach, and bacon. Tossed in french butter and shoyu broth, finally mixing the half-boiled egg coating the spaghetti giving the rich, creamy and luxurious flavor. Understandably why this is the all-time crowd favorite pasta selection. miam miam banana pancake Caramelized Banana Pancake ($12.80). Vanilla soft serve and bananas cooked in dark golden caramel sauce. A pretty decent pancake with satisfying toppings, I actually appreciated the slight burnt bitterness from the caramelized banana. Note that additional flag decoration on the pancake. miam miam french toast 20140617_203236

Left: The French Toast ($15.80). Dubbed the most photogenic dish from Miam Miam and posted all over Instagram. This all-time favorite has indeed lived up to its popularity. Doused in maple infused syrup, the handmade vanilla cream pairs extremely well with the classic warm and fluffy toast, which were soft as pillows. Right: Chocolate Molleaux ($9.80). A sinful molten dark chocolate lava cake sprinkled with chocolate pearls and thick condensed milk drizzle.

The core has a thick chocolate consistency, one bite and you know you’re going to devour this all by your own. Miam Miam is located at Bugis Junction and Westgate Mall, which are both very crowded shopping malls. Dishes are prepared a la minute also, so do be prepared to queue to get in, as well as wait around 15-20 minutes per dish should you choose to dine at this Japanese-French styled cafe kitchen. I much prefer their quality desserts and drinks over the food, and would consider Miam Miam for an afternoon tea session; also to shy away from the long queues during peak meal hours.

Expected Damage: $20 – $35 per pax.

Miam Miam: #01-21/22 Westgate, 3 Gateway Drive, Singapore 608532 | Tel: 68370301 | Website