Mona Lounge: Secret Back-Room Cocktail Lounge Transports Guests To 1980s Hong Kong In Telok Ayer

Mona Lounge 1

Step into 1980’s Hong Kong glamour as Sum Yi Tai opens a back-room cocktail lounge affectionately called Mona Lounge.

Accessible only with a passcode that guests can procure from the servers on the first floor or via the website, the dim stairway upstairs opens up to a cosy bar area washed in varying hues of pink and orange.

Mona Lounge 2

Mona Lounge makes one feel like they not only stepped back in time but also momentarily forget that I was supposed to be there; it felt like I had accidentally intruded into a members-only gambling den made to host a mafia.

With uniquely named cocktails made with even more interesting ingredients, I was restless with anticipation of what I would be served first.

Mona Lounge 3

The Dangerous Romance (S$22) is the bar’s take on a Bloody Mary and a Margarita. The only thing is, it tasted nothing like either.

Made with Espolon Blanco, triple sec, tomato shrub, honey, and lemon juice it tasted like adult lemonade, which made it truly delicious and dangerous.

Mona Lounge 8

That First Bouquet (S$22) had a sweet fragrance, which stereotypically would be a draw for many ladies out there who prefer lighter cocktails. It’s made with Encanto pisco, thyme-infused Aperol, hibiscus syrup, lime juice, grapefruit bitters, and sour plum powder. In spite of numerous contrasting ingredients, it was a mild tipple.

It wasn’t an instant hit with me, only because I like smoky drinks with a depth of sweet and sour notes. Think gin and whisky-based concoctions.

Mona Lounge 9

The Longevity Highball (S$20) was more up my alley. Made simply with ginseng & chrysanthemum gin and tonic water, it had an edge of sourness, which woke me up from the day’s weariness.

It was also really refreshing given its effervescent nature, so all in all, a great tasting drink to end your work day.

Mona Lounge 4

To complement your drinking session, I implore you to order the Chicken Skin Chips (S$12). As pedestrian as this dish may be, their Szechuan seasoning is utterly irresistible (coupled with the addictive crunch) and made me tempted to be selfish with my helping.

Mona Lounge 5

Leaning more towards a tangier and more substantial bite? The Prawn Wanton Tossed In Chilli (S$15) might just do the trick. This one, I suggest taking all for yourself, considering the modest portion of five dumplings.

The prawns held within were sweet and bouncy, although the chilli proved to be mild.

Mona Lounge 6

No decent bar would miss out on wings, and you won’t want to miss out on them here. The Prawn Paste Chicken Wings (S$10) had a delightful crispy shell with just a nuance of savouriness from the use of prawn paste marinade.

I especially enjoyed them considering they didn’t leave a slick of grease on the palate.

Mona Lounge 7

Much-deserved praises go to the Signature Wok-Fried XO Carrot Cake (S$12). It’s no secret that alcohol and greasy food form a cohesive partnership, so getting to enjoy a supper favourite while you’re at a bar is a huge win in my books!

It had all the great contrasting textures of crunchy and soft, while serving delectable flavours of sweet and salty.

I am a fan of how intimate Mona Lounge is, and that it holds a rich backstory. If you’re into little-known

bars, and enjoy the feeling of getting access to hidden joints, then this place will more than meet your bar style.

Expected Damage: S$20 – S$30 per pax

Price: $ $

Our Rating: 2 / 5

Mona Lounge

25 Boon Tat Street (2nd Floor), Singapore 069622

Our Rating 2/5

Mona Lounge

25 Boon Tat Street (2nd Floor), Singapore 069622

Telephone: +65 6221 3665
Operating Hours: (Mon to Sat) 6pm - 12.45am, (Sun) Closeed
Telephone: +65 6221 3665

Operating Hours: (Mon to Sat) 6pm - 12.45am, (Sun) Closeed
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