11 Reasons To Stay at Montigo Resorts Seminyak The Next Time You Visit Bali

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Bali is a frequent travel destination for the bulk of us Singaporeans, and I can’t see why not. A quintessential beach vacation, where all you really need is some swim wear, tanning oil or sunscreen, sandals and good vibes.

While getting to Bali is pretty easy, choosing a prime location to park your travel bug souls may prove to be a daunting problem — you will need to think of the proximity between your lodging location and the places you are visiting, aka how easy it is to get back after a long day out.

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At Montigo Resorts Seminyak, your problems are solved – a convenient resort in the heart of Seminyak that provides quality service and spacious rooms, Montigo has been a wonderful stay. The resort is still relatively new, and a new wing is being developed to have more rooms and a second pool.

After an enjoyable experience, here’s some of the top reasons why I love staying at Montigo Resorts Seminyak.

11. The beds at Montigo are really, really, fluffy

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Like sleeping on marshmallows, I really have to ask the management just where did they get their beds, because these are quite possibly the most comfortable and fluffiest beds I’ve ever laid on. You could stonecold stunner (wrestle) someone and still land on such soft grounds, really. The only downside is how you can’t seem to get out from the bed for obvious reasons.

10. There’s a personal outdoor patio for each room

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I can only say that this makes you feel like a real bad ass boss. Having your own personal outdoor patio, you can lounge and hideaway from the scorching hot afternoon sun when you’re feeling too delicate for the weather while still enjoying the open air.

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It’s also a really romantic spot for your partner and you to melt into — there’s a huge lounging sofa that will definitely make the both of you feel that bit more like royalties.

9. Something for the whole family

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While some hotels target a specific audience group, like lovers, youngsters or families, etc. Montigo Seminyak ensures that there is something for everyone. When it is fully renovated, kids can be entertained in the kids club and sign up for cake decoration classes, while the adults relax by the pool with a cocktail or simply enjoy a nice in-house spa or other activities like cooking.

8. Montigo is conveniently located where the action is

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Situated just right outside Montigo resort is a myriad of cafes and Balinese shops, where you can get your hands on all the bikini and surfing business. If you’re looking to stroll, the street is seemingly endless, with different types of souvenirs and things to look at; I’m talking about hammocks, dream catchers and many more, how dreamily convenient!

That’s not all, within walking distance is a great collection of bars, restaurants, grills and nightclubs, so you don’t really have to worry about stumbling back for too long after you’ve had one drink too many.

7. You can have drinks by the pool and enjoy a spa

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Currently, there’s only one pool, but when fully completed, there will be two pools to splash in the compound. Choose from a selection of cocktails and bar bites while you cheekily soak in the sun, on a float or not, your call.

If getting tanned is not the first thing on your mind, indulge yourself in a spa session where every nook and cranny of your joints are massaged till you’re a relaxed little baby.

6. Montigo Seminyak is walking distance to the beach


Just a few stone’s throw awayand not to mention how Potato Head Folk is literally less than two minutes awayMontigo Seminyak is your hotel destination if you’re looking for convenience and quality.

5. The inhouse restaurant has very versatile cuisine to feast on

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The Big Breakfast.

Montigo has a really resourceful and versatile Restaurant, TIIGO, complete with a head chef that is exceedingly warm. By morning, it serves up a wide selection of western breakfast foods like eggs benedict, American breakfast and even local delights, and many more.

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Local Balinese delicacies (clockwise): Ayam Betutu, Babi Guling and Crispy Duck.

By afternoon, it presents a selection of Japanese, European and Balinese cuisine; expect dishes like lamb shank, pork belly, sushi, and definitely their local favourites like Babi Guling, Ayam Betutu etc. Taste-wise, TIIGO has got it all covered.

4. Enjoy private dining right outside your backdoor

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Sometimes it can get a little too lazy to move, especially with the extremely fluffy bed that Montigo offers, which is an understandably reasonable excuse. Remember that patio outside your room? How’s a private BBQ right there sound.

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To indulge your lazybones, Montigo offers an ‘In Room Private Dining’, with different options to spoil yourself silly.

A casual Western Barbecue option is priced at 950 000 Rupiah for two, approximately 95SGD, for a four course dinner. Dishes will be whipped up by a personal chef, and of course you will be waited on like royalty.

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Although it’s called the ‘Western Barbecue’, it also offers local flavours like the Sate Lilat, a kind of satay, made with over 10 native Balinese spices.

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If you’re looking to pamper your significant other with a more romantic setting, opt for the dinner by the pool, where you idle away with your loved one, enjoying the food and view.

Either way, it’s still pretty damn romantic with the candles and flowers, really.

3. You can sign up for cooking classes in Montigo

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montigo resort Seminyak bali cooking class

While you may not be a domestic goddess, you may still sign up for a cooking class to be one step closer to becoming one.

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With each cooking class, you also get the option to take a trip down to the local market with the chef, where you can personally pick out ingredients, learn more about the local produce, then head back to the Resort’s kitchen to cook with guidance from the chef.

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You can take home recipes of the three course meal, and yes, including desserts. Upon completion of the cooking class, you will get to taste your own creations, receive a certificate and feel like you’re ready to take on the kitchen anytime.

2. Quaint, though right outside a busy street

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Situated at a prime location near lounges, beach clubs, restaurants and cafes, Montigo Seminyak remains quaint and quiet within the complex even though it’s smack in the middle of a bustling street. You get to choose from the best of both worlds, “to relax or to party?” is the question.

Head on down for great drinks at beach lounge Potato Head, and also discover an amazing cocktail bar called Akademi, located just minutes away.

1. Montigo uses upscale Bvlgari toiletries

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When a hotel’s toiletries are from Bvlgari, you know you’re in for some serious pampering quality treat. Montigo offers a range of bath essentials, which you can be sure to smell so fresh and fragrant, butterflies will be attracted to you like a Disney Princess.

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Rooms start from 100 USD during non peak period season, and will increase accordingly – room rates are still relatively cheap due to the Bali resort being new.

With beds so comfortable and an impeccable hotel service, it’s definitely value for money. Well, I’m definitely coming back again on my next Bali trip.

Visit Montigo’s website to find out more information now.

Expected Damage: From 100 USD per night


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