Mr Steamboat: Steamboat Delivery Right To Your Doorstep So You Don’t Have To Fuss About Hosting A Party

I never really enjoyed organising steamboat dinners at home; too much work setting up and getting the ingredients ready, and too much work cleaning up after. So when I was tasked with organising dinner for a recent party and everybody said they wanted to have steamboat, I was determined to find the easiest way out for myself.

After looking through a few steamboat delivery companies, I found Mr Steamboat offering one of the best packages. From setup to clean up, they even provide service crew if you’re holding a big event!

I was super pleased by how fuss-free the whole experience was — Mr Steamboat helped to set up the cookers and with all the ingredients packed into boxes for convenience. The meats were fresh and the soups were more than sufficient to last us over our two-hour long dinner party.

I would recommend that you find a way to thaw the seafood because it will take a little while to defrost. We ended up popping them into the microwave for a minute or so in order to separate each piece. Cleaning up was a breeze as well, with the staff dropping by to clean up and keep the equipment.

If you’re as lazy as me, steamboat deliveries are a godsend, and Mr Steamboat’s wealth of experience can be seen by their customer service and excellent estimation of how much time and ingredients each event requires, thus reducing the amount of food wasted!

Expected damage: Packages starting from $188 for 6 pax

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